FCM Projects


Establishing kitchens for daily feeding and food parcel distributions.  Family Care Ministries has a feeding centre in Orange Farm, Evaton and Eldorado Park.  We provide over 900 meals daily.

Majority of our feeding scheme beneficiaries are black orphaned and vulnerable children and youth.  However, we cater to the women, the elderly, drug addicts and disabled people as well.  All of our centres are located in highly impoverished areas, with numerious social ills.  Being cognisant of this, Family Care Ministries uses a holistic approach when running feeding schemes. 

We feed and inspire people through spiritual upliftment and motivational outreach initiatives.

We believe that as we feed the body, the spiritual well being of a person is of outmost importance.


As an affiliate of EDU-BUILD INSTITUTE, Family Care Ministries has become a training provider offering SETA-accredited training to caregivers at ECD centres in Orange Farm offering the Early Childhood Development NQF Level 4 Certificate and the Level 5 Diploma in ECD courses. By December 2020 we had helped 6 ladies get their qualifications starting out as ECD practitioners.

We have distributed used toys, books, and office and stationary supplies to a number of preschools in Orange Farm.  Most of our ECD training beneficiaries are from impoverished families with an average of 5 family members and no income.  The impact of our training programme is extended onto families, because the graduates are able to secure employment and take care of their family members.


Family Care Ministries runs a monthly feeding initiative for older persons at old age homes, and overall community members of Brixton, Johannesburg.  This project is done once a month, on a Sunday, and it reaches out to about 120 Older persons and over 200 community members.


Family Care Ministries Malawi Literacy and Bible study Initiatives

FCM Team Malawi conducts literacy and Bible study workshops in seven centres within the Chikawawa District, which is in the Southern Region of Malawi.

Other FCM literacy workshops and Bible study classes are run in Mulanje District, which is also in the Southern Region of Malawi. There is another centre in Lilongwe city, which is in the Central Region, and the last one is in Mzuzu city, in the Northern Region. In addition to this, FCM also has sub centres, about four in Chikwakwa, and three in Mzuzu.

FCM also has a kid’s centre in Zomba, where about 40 kids come in weekly to receive literacy classes and bible study. FCM MALAWI centres offer an average of about 732 classes in a period of six months, which makes up over 1460 classes annually. FCM’s Literacy impact in Malawi is huge.

FCM is big on literacy in Malawi, we provide the following forms of literature in the
 General Educational books.
 Early Childhood Development books
 Inspirational literature
 Bible study literature.

Family Care Ministries Malawi Nutrion/Food Security Driver

FCM provides food parcels to families in Chikawawa and surrounding areas. In March 2023, FCM was able to provide food supplies in response to the flood disasters that had occurred in the Southern Region areas of Malawi(Chikawawa, Zomba, Nichalo). 45 families benefitted from FCM’s disaster relief initiative.


General outreach

Family Care Ministries strives to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. We help people obtain their physical upliftment through charitable acts of kindness. We share God’s love and teach the word which brings peace and joy to weary hearts and souls whilst meeting people’s spiritual needs. Family Care Ministries aims to inspire people to believe in God and His love and plan for a better future for mankind.

We encourage and strengthen individuals, families and children through training programmes that motivate, promote moral values, and teach the character-building principles of the Bible.  We provide Bible classes and facilitate spiritual and inspirational workshops for the youth and community of Orange Farm and Evaton.  We also provide them with a wide range of educational and inspirational material designed to share God’s Word with others.

Social Media Outreach

Family Care Ministries provides daily spiritual and inspirational messages via whatsapp, with bible verse referrals and words of encouragement.  These messages are sent to over 300 people on a daily basis.  There has been a lot of positive feedback from our recipients on this outreach, a lot of people have expressed how these messages have changed their lives positively and made them better people in the way they live and respond to issues of life.

Today God has given me a dad who prays for me and cares for our community. Thank you. I grew up without parents so you are very special to me. I will forever respect you. May God bless you and your family. – Florence

 How you can help …

Family Care Ministries provides charitable services on a voluntary basis, and the organisation is currently not government funded.  So we sincerely depend on financial support from the business community, supportive individuals and friends. 
Donations in the form of money and non-perishable food items(e.g. mealie meal, rice, cooking oil, sugar, etc),  are needed to run our projects effectively. 
So please follow our payment instructions provided and you may also deliver any non-perishable items. 
We also solicit funds through the sale of our Children’s Books collection, which you may purchase directly from our Head office.  You are welcome to contact us and find out what we have available in stock to place your order.