Who we are

Family Care Ministries is a non profit organization established for the sole purpose of alleviating poverty in all its forms.  The organization is aligned to the legislative principles of the South African NPO ACT 71 of 1997.  Our programmes are focused on the development mandate of the South African National Development Plan and the Sustainable Development goals. 

Over the years, Family Care Ministries has grown and transcended into more focused development programmes intended for national footprint and impact. 

Family Care Ministries was originally established in Gauteng.  We have over 20 years of community development work experience.   Our organisation was formed in response to the extreme levels of poverty and hunger in Orange Farm.  Initially our activities were focused on feeding, clothing donations and spiritual recreational outreach,  but as the organisation progressed it grew to expand into other poverty alleviation initiatives like education and training Our initiatives have been recently further developed into more focused areas  through which the organisation could make more tangible impact to society.

Our Vision

To transform disadvantaged communities by mobilising resources for food security and sustainable livelihoods through various empowerment initiatives, which will improve access to better opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain relevant and have more impact as we continue to provide professional and efficient service in all our programme implementation processes

Our Values

Our values define who we are.  They are the basis that guide our operations.  Our priority is People, while we implement our programmes with Diligence, Transparency, Dignity and Innovation, we strive to effect enduring benefits to the communities that we serve.

Our Motto

Filling the need with loving deeds

Contact us: +27 (0)61 548 5973

What we do

FCM implements a wide variety of community development programs, that range from daily feeding, food parcel distribution, home based care for older persons, training on ECD, learner and social support to orphaned and vulnerable youth, as well as providing needed and necessary support to the most vulnerable communities, providing skills development programmes, as well as biblical study and feeding programmes in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The aim is to resolve and eliminate crises arising from poverty in the continent.

Over the years, our strategy has been to work hand in hand with relevant stakeholders (both private and public), aligned with our principles, values and goals. Our projects compliment the national framework and the provincial development strategies put in place for socio-economic interventions.

Our Objectives

  • To provide food and nutrition to impoverished individuals and households through daily or weekly feeding as well as distribution of food parcels.
  • To establish feeding kitchens for impoverished communities
  • To care for the elderly through Home Based Care services.
  • To provide SETA accredited  Early Childhood Development Training programmes
  • To support ECD centres with various educational and nutritional initiatives
  • To reach out to international countries for community outreach and recreational programmes
  • To mobilize and distribute donations in kind to poor and impoverished individuals
  • Empower poor communities with income generating initiatives for sustainable livelihoods.

Why we do it


Members of Family Care Ministries seek to meet the needs of the entire person, not merely the body and its environment. We have found that the effects of the faith and love we impart to those we reach out to far surpass the aid to their physical needs only; it heals their hearts, their memories, their souls, their past and their future. While we try to provide the means to meet the physical needs, we believe that to truly change the world we must change hearts. 

We do this so we may impart love on people and whilst inspiring them to show love to others.  We are paying it forward through  charitable and loving deeds.

Our Board Members

FCM Board Members