FCM is inviting corporates and organizations to join its COOKATHON Drive, which is aimed at promoting nutrition whilst imparting reading skills.

The COOKATHON initiative is a fun-filled event where business and civil society interact in a competitive cooking marathon. The competitors cook for kids and youth from impoverished households. Whilst participants are preparing the meal for the kids, other guests are interacting with the kids by distributing books and facilitating group reading sessions. All the activities happen in five hours.
girls dishing up

The judges taste and rate the food just before it is served, in order to maintain the competitive aspect. The winner is the team who cooked within  3 hours or less.

We are inviting more companies and organisations to come and have a hands on experience in cooking a meal and serving the less advantaged kids whilst imparting a reading skill and making tangible experience in their lives.

Kids food

Thank you to Nozala Trust, Bidvest and 100% Foundation for partnering with us on our first COOKATHON drive on the 15th of July 2023. 

We cooked for 500 children.

The current FCM COOKATHON CHAMPION record is held by 100% Foundation, who competed against Bidvest. 

Our next COOKATHON will be on the 8th of December 2023

FCM hereby invites companies and organisations to sign up their teams to enter our upcoming COOKATHON competition.

It is only R10 000 to sign up a team for our COOKATHON.   

This time we are aiming at feeding 1000 chidlren, so please sign up your team and lets make this a fun filled event.

Any donations of non perishable cooking items and financial donations will be highly appreciated.

Please partner with us on our COOKATHON drive.

Cookathon invite
Orange Farm Cookathon