Our Goal is to make a difference by sharing God’s Word and Love with others

What We Do

Family Care Ministries endeavors to respond to today's needs offering relief and hope for the future. While we minister to people's physical needs to the best of our ability, our primary purpose is to help others spiritually - meeting their needs for love, hope, faith and friendship.

Why We Do It

Love is God's solution to the problems the world faces, even in the complex and challenging world we live in today. Love put into action is the greatest service to humankind. To truly change the world we must change hearts which requires the miracle working power of God's love.

How You Can Help

It is our belief that as one gives to help others, he or she will be blessed or rewarded in turn by God. Whether you volunteer, support financially or with needed items, we are very thankful for any help we receive as this makes our efforts possible.
Family Care Ministries is registered as a Non-profit Organization in terms of the Non-profit Organization Act, 1998     Number: 007-316