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We would like to give a little report of our trip to Malawi this July 2012. Our team consisted of Josef (Austrian), Talitha (German), Abram (South African) and Gracious (Malawian). We saw soon how each of us would bring his/her own gifts and talents to the table to make this mission trip a success. We travelled with our bakkie through Zimbabwe and Mozambique, a journey which took us 3 days.

From the onset of this year the work among the youth in Malawi had grown by leaps and bounds spreading to various parts of the country. We felt the need to make this trip to meet the youth and workers in the various cities to assess the situation and needs.  Most of the Activated Youth Clubs are in Lilongwe, the capital city. Others are in Mzuzu in the very north of Malawi and others yet in or near the cities of Zomba, Mangochi and Salima which are located along Lake Malawi.

It was truly an experience and very inspiring to visit the different cities and outlying areas and get to know many of those that had joined recently. If we can equip and train the youth to reach the cities and villages around, then we are reaching the whole of Malawi. What an inspiring vision!


We were able to spent time with and bring some Bible study and teaching resources to Frank and Charles who have been working for the past two years in Blantyre. Frank continues to minister in the prison and in hospitals while also teaching the 12 Foundation Stones Course to a group of youngsters from a high school. We visited an orphanage that Frank visits and had fun playing some games, singing songs and learning an action poem together. Even though they receive nothing for their own living, the three volunteers teach these thirty pre-school age children every day to help them have a brighter and safer future. We greatly admire the sacrifices they make to do this.

Charles has an inspiring vision of really making a lasting difference in communities through skills development and helping people start small businesses. Poverty is rife in Malawi and people need to be ministered to in word and in deed. Charles also attends to the spiritual needs of a small group of young adults by teaching them.


After spending 2 days in Blantyre, our journey took us to one of the outlying areas of Zomba. Much to our surprise we were welcomed by singing and dancing youth club members. They caused others to become curious and also follow our car as we were escorted with much fanfare to our meeting place. Here we met up with Lawrence who oversees all the Activated Youth Clubs in Malawi. He had brought 40 youths from Lilongwe in a bus. We spent a day and a half getting to know each other, having classes and enjoying song and dance. The Lilongwe team presented a drama of the story from the book of Daniel chapter 2 about the Babylonian king’s prophetic dream of the history and future of the world. Talitha used a game to illustrate just how important the job of sharing our faith with others really is. We are God’s hands and His feet and He relies on us to do our part to set others free no matter what obstacles are in our way. As His disciples we are bound to win if we keep at it persistently.

Thanks to a sponsorship that we had received, we were able to leave Pastor Maluwa who oversees the three youth clubs in the area with two sets of Activated booklets to share and Key Bible Verse booklets for each of the club members. We also donated a bicycle to him as he struggles to visit to teach the youth in the three different locations.


For the weekend we were to travel to Mangochi where we had rented a place to hold our meetings in. We were situated right on the shores of Lake Malawi in a house belonging to a member of The Gideons International. After meeting us and the youth there, he arranged a donation of 100 New Testaments for the youth answering a real need.

What a blessing it was to sow into the lives of the people there.  As we held our meetings outdoors right by the lake, people from the community and around would join us as soon as the music and singing would begin. We had a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with the many that would gather. They readily came forward for prayer and/or to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. In the Mangochi area many people are Muslims, and so we offered some valuable tips on how we as Christians can make inroads into their closely knit communities through the love and power of Jesus. It was difficult to leave Mangochi after these electrifying meetings.


A 6 hour journey took us from Mangochi to the very north of Malawi, Mzuzu. Here we were to meet Pastor Kasimba and his wife Patricia who are active witnessing and teaching the youth. Josef and Gracious were able to meet with the members from the two clubs in the area. They appreciated the resources and tracts that we left with them after holding a meeting at their humble little church.


The last leg of our nearly 6,000 km three weeks long round trip took us to Lilongwe. We went to visit as many of the clubs to meet as many of the over 100 members as we could. We tried to leave them with a clear vision of what being Activated for Jesus is all about and answered questions about the Bible and their personal walk with the Lord. We joined in on one of their outreaches to see how they are doing in sharing the gospel with their fellowman. Abram gave an altar call to which many of those that had gathered responded. We prayed over the children and individuals as they were seeking help for different challenges they were facing in life.

We were basing out of the small youth centre that we are renting and held a graduation ceremony there for those who had completed the 12 Foundation Stones Course handing each his/her certificate. We took this opportunity to present the leaders of the various clubs with the sponsored additional books and study materials we had brought for them.

Wherever we visited we spoke about what being active for Jesus means. We challenged everyone to do more than attend church, but to serve Him daily through doing loving deeds for their neighbour and others in need. We challenged them to do more than pray, but to praise and honour Him in deed and in truth. We challenged them to share their faith and what they know and have learned themselves with those who know less.

The people of Malawi live a very simple life. Even in the cities most still have to haul their water for drinking and washing, cook their simple meals over open fires and have to use outhouses. There are few jobs to be found so people have to think of all sort of ways to try to make a living as there is little that the government provides for them. Many grow their own food to survive.  But it appears that the hardships of life seem to make their faith shine all the brighter. We were deeply touched by the purity and sincerity of people’s love for Jesus.  There is much in our Malawian work and ministering that can be improved, but we saw that the hearts are in the right place.

It was good to see the needs of the various places we visited first hand. We realized that although many of the youth leaders and members are quite fluent in English, quite a few have difficulties with the language especially those in the rural areas. We therefore began looking for those who showed potential in translating and asked two people if they would be able to help us translate the 12 Foundation Stones Course into the Chichewa language. They readily agreed to help. Our goal is to get the course manual and a Key Bible Verse booklet into their language. We saw a lot of hunger for training amongst the people of Malawi.

We feel very privileged to work with people who have such a sincere desire to grow in the Lord and bring God’s word to the nation. Malawi is a Christian but very poor country and few can even afford a Bible. The vast majority of the people have little or no access to training material such as Activated Ministries provided for them through the sponsorship of the materials we distributed. They were thrilled to receive so much. We are sure that the books will be put to good use to teach and train others to take up the torch to reach their country and communities for Jesus.

We truly appreciate the support of the many that have helped to make this trip possible. God’s word and message has been spread a bit further again.


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