Why We Do It

Many of the problems and much of the suffering found in our world today exist because of man’s inhumanity to man. Most is caused by a lack of understanding of how to be happy and little knowledge of the love, faith and power of God and the loving laws that God designed for us to live by.

Members of Family Care Ministries seek to meet the needs of the entire person, not merely the body and its environment. We have found that the effects of the faith and love we impart to those we reach out to far surpass the aid to their physical needs only; it heals their hearts, their memories, their souls, their past and their future. While we try to provide the means to meet the physical needs of those in need, we believe that to truly change the world we must change hearts. And to change a heart requires the miracle working power of God’s love which knows no boundaries, no nation, no race, no culture, nor political view or economic system and is not bound by time or space. It embraces all mankind and unites their minds, hearts and spirits in faith and love of God and each other.

Come and join us as we change the world…one heart at a time.

Cell: +27 (0)74 168 8066
Post: P.O Box 4142, Cresta 2118, Johannesburg, South Africa
Email: familycareministries.sa@gmail.com
Family Care Ministries is registered as a Non-profit Organization in terms of the Non-profit Organization Act, 1998     Number: 007-316