“Your words take me back to God…”

Mr.Rogers Ntumba writes:

Dear Josef and Talitha,

Thank you for the proof of love I find in you – the love which does not care about race nor background – the true and pure love. Thank you for being there for me and encouraging me always. You know, your words take me back to God. They are like a mirror to me when I’m struggling and when I’m rejoicing. And not only that, they have been inspiring me to always buy airtime just to send SMSs to people with some Biblical verses. I just compose a number without knowing the person. And today I have many friends. Some of them I have never met. A government minister asked me “who gave you my number?” and became a friend. He said he needs more such SMSs. But do you know the source? It’s you, wow? Another SMS reached the prosecutor woman’s phone. She now gave me her email address and I’ve been sending her the 12 Foundation’s Stones Bible Study Course, can you imagine this?

All this to say that what you are doing is big in God’s eyes. It has been changing hearts and brought souls to Jesus Christ. That is why I told you, “DO MORE! FORGET ALL YOUR LAST VICTORIES BECAUSE EVERY DAY IS A NEW DEPARTURE.” Only God will be able to add up what we do and give us the total at the end. It is for us just to do more.

Servants of the Living God I end here. We pray for you that God may give you the strength to endure ’til the end because the Bible says that the END IS BETTER THAN THE BEGINNING.”

My best regards to you, Josef and Talitha. I love you all and you mean so much to me.

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