More happiness is coming your way

By Sarah Treleaven, Chatelaine, 8 Aug, 2011
You might think that you’re pretty content now, but just wait until you hit late middle age. A recent story by Libby Copeland over at Slate—“Obama at 50: Older, Wiser…Happier?”—explores how studies of happiness are finding that once we get past middle age, the rest feels like relatively smooth sailing. In other words, we get happier as we get older. For example, a 2010 study of over 300,000 Americans found that levels of anger, stress and worry all plummet at 50 and within a few years happiness rises—for men and women, the married and unmarried, and the working and unemployed.

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Waiting for the happy ending

By Maria Fontaine

Choices. Life is full of choices. Every day there are choices, large and small. Every day that passes gives you a greater legacy of past choices, past decisions. Some turned out to be good, some turned out to be bad, some a bit of both, and others you’re not sure of yet. But all those choices have played a part in making you what you are and bringing you to the point you’re at right now.

Here are a few important principles that I find helpful to keep in mind in thinking about the past and what has brought each of us to where we are today.

Your future isn’t limited by your past. No matter what decisions you have made in the past, or what others decided for you, and what point you’re at now, the future is still as bright as God’s promises—one of which is “Nothing is impossible to you,”(Matthew 17:20) and all things are possible if you believe (Mark 9:23). If you’re not where you want to be, there is time to change that!

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