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Sister Glover

Sister Glover web

Sister Glover, who runs the Emmanuel Feeding Scheme in  Noordgesig, has been dedicated to helping the poor for many, many years. She is 85 years old and still goes out daily to a large vegetable garden to water and look after the plants. Every month she holds a meeting with about 300 pensioners and single mothers to share God’s word with them. Using her meager pension, she buys bread and peanut butter to provide them with a breakfast. Women in the neighbourhood help to cook a lunch to serve to everyone as well. After the meeting all line up to receive packages of fat & bones and any other food items donated for the purpose. A butchery regularly gives her bones and fat for her project. Again, she has to use her pension to fetch the donation. Family Care Ministries has recently supported her with chicken & rice for the meal & has been providing her with various food items whenever possible.

Ouma Helen

Ouma Helen web

Ouma Helen is well in her eighties and has been using a walker for many years. She used to receive some monies and help from her small congregation to buy food parcels for about 20 needy families in an informal settlement. Several years ago she was told that the church cannot afford to support her ministry anymore. A friend of ours contacted us for help and Family Care Ministries has been supporting her efforts for the past several years. We now provide her with donated foods to share with the poor on a weekly basis.

Last year Ouma Helen had a fall and broke her pelvis bone. She had to lay for weeks on her back to help the bones to heal as she told that she was too old to have the needed operation. She healed miraculously in a much shorter time than expected. As soon as she could, she picked up right where she left off. Though she is now in a wheelchair, she continues to sort, pack and distribute to the needy with the help of her grandchildren. For Christmas Family Care Ministries was able to provide her with some food items for her food parcels and accompany her to the informal settlement spreading a message of love and hope as we went.

Zakariyya Park

Fikile and Team Web

Fikile has gathered a group of friends around her who are just as determined as she is to see what can be done to help children who are suffering in one way or another in her community in Zakariyya Park. Family Care Ministries has provided her and her team with regular donations of bread, eggs and other foods such as cereals as often as we get them. The caring hearts of these young ladies help many children find the emotional and social support they need.  They try their best to offer some homework support and encourage children to excel in their studies. Family Care Ministries members encourage the team to share the Gospel and gospel material with the children which they gladly do.


Abram Web

Abram is a creche owner in Diepsloot. He provides not only a safe environment for some of the children in his community, but has also dedicated his life to sharing the word of God with as many as he can. He tries to do what he can do to ease the dire physical or spiritual needs the children, teenagers, parents or others around may have. He is always available for prayer and counsel and has become a well respected and sought out member in his community. Family Care Ministries shares donations of bread with him biweekly and provides him with other food items when possible.

The Boy’s Brigade of SA

The Boys Brigade of SA is a N.P.O. operating in Noordgesig. They offer activities to get the children in their neighbourhood off the streets to prevent them falling into a life of crime. They assist children by sharing food and clothing donations with those that need it. Winnie and Donovan have gathered some brass and percussion instruments which the children use to learn on and practice with. The number of children participating is much greater than the number of instruments they have so they have to take turn using them. Participating in the band draws their interest, gives them a challenge and something to do other than aimlessly wandering the streets and ending up falling in with the wrong crowd in this drug ridden community.  Family Care Ministries assists with regular food donations.

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