Say it with a rose!

Say it with a rose! We visited our senior friends again for their monthly feast. Welcomed like old friends with hugs we thought of doing something special for them. Sometimes it’s nice to get something special besides the necessity. So beside the delicious meal they received each a rose and they blossomed like the rose. The announcement of the upcoming Christmas party was received with lots of cheers and smiles.

Upcoming Christmas Programs – 2011

Here is a short update on the Christmas program.

One of our greatest obstacles was getting a couple buses to take 110 seniors to the venue for the Christmas party we organized. Many bus companies were booked out some didn’t want or couldn’t help and the prices for a bus ranged from R3800 to R7500. We were told that it is the season were the bus companies make their money and that we wouldn’t have much success in getting a bus.

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Two day spiritual retreat – Oct 2011

Last weekend we had a 2 day spiritual retreat for friends, volunteers and project managers from the townships. The topic was THE BODY OF CHRIST AND SUCCESS IN GOD’S EYES with question and answers in between. Especially success in God’s eyes was a hot topic and was continued to be discussed amongst the attendees long after the class. We closed the seminar on Sunday noon with communion, followed by a braai and fellowship. We had most people staying over at the venue and I had to transport extra mattresses, food and collect and drop the attendees at the taxi stands. Everyone greatly enjoyed it and asked for another retreat very soon.

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There is no unemployment in God’s work

There is no lack of work and there is no unemployment in God’s work if you don’t require a salary but care to trust the Lord for His provision. The harvest (work) is plenteous but the labors are few. It’s been now over 30 years since I received my last salary (as a assistant branch manager in a large tire company in Germany) but the Lord has been true and faithful to his word which He gave me when I first started serving the Lord in 1977 in Calcutta, India. 1Co 9:14  Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.  Phil 4:11 I am not saying this because I am in any need, for I have learned to be content in whatever situation I am in.

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Let’s show them a little more Heaven

The World knows enough Hell! Let’s show them a little more Heaven.  Last Saturday we did just that when we went out with a team of 6 to share the gospel at a Mall in Orange Farm.

There were lots of shoppers around and many of them young people shopping for the liquid spirit (alcohol) but we were there to bring them the Holy Spirit, which they could get for free and that would free them from the bondage to the liquid spirit.

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A Family in need


Hi! My name is Esther and I have 4 children. I thank the Lord for Family Care Ministries. I am blessed because of them. I left Soweto to Orange Farm due to the challenges I had with the father of my children especially when he was drunk.

Here in Orange Farm I had no friends at first, but I was not lonely since I had the Lord to spend time with. When I go to pass out Christian pamphlets I have a team Kgaugelo(7), Peballo(5) and Turristio(3) who help me tell the people that someone loves them.

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