Visit to Blantyre, Malawi – July 2012

Reaching the Youth of Malawi

Pastor Hanock Simenti, from Global Gospel Assembly Church

My heart and spirit convicts me to write to you to testify of the benefits of Activated and what it is doing for us here in Malawi. Before I got to know the Activated Club I was regarding it as simple. Now I am surprised at how powerful it is and see its importance. As pastor I have special times to sit down with the youth encouraging them in spiritual matters. I inquired about the benefits and achievements the youth found in the Activated Clubs. I would like to share the testimonies that they told me and what they get from participating. May I beg you to read with close attention about some of the factual benefits.

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A Brief History of the Malawi Work

We would like to share with you a little about the rapidly growing work in Malawi which has been expanding since April 2011. We are thrilled and excited about what the Lord is doing. It is wonderful to see the earnestness of our members to share and spread the word and be a blessing to their communities.

April 2011

FCM makes the first trip to Malawi with a 4 man team by bakkie. A mission base is established in Blantyre and Lilongwe. The first Activated youth club is formed in Lilongwe.

January 2012

Josef Bitschnau flies to Lilongwe to meet with the two FCM missionaries of Blantyre and Lilongwe and the newly appointed youth director.  The number of Activated youth clubs has grown from 1 to 6 and are located in two major cities. A Pastor from Mzuzu is joining Family Care Ministries with the aim of opening a church and mission base there. On this trip FCM donates over 200kg of Bibles, training manuals, devotional material and outreach material to the mission bases, youth clubs and pastors.

May 2012

Lawrence the youth director comes for 10 day training and fellowship to Johannesburg. During his stay here work goes underway to translate more gospel pamphlets as well as a little book with key Bible verses that help in sharing the gospel and personal growth in faith. The youth clubs number now 16 and are found in four different cities. The need for more Bibles, outreach and training manuals becomes more evident.

June 2012

FCM is renting a 3 bedroom house in Lilongwe. Its purpose is to provide an easily accessible meeting place for the youth from the 6 clubs in Lilongwe, a place for a library and guest rooms for visiting members.

Upcoming Malawi Trip – July 2012

William Carey once said “attempt great things for God and expect great things from God.” We like to do just that throughout this year reaching out to those in South Africa and beyond its borders.

The time has come  to venture out to upper Africa, Malawi to visit and strengthen our two mission outposts  and 14 Activated Youth clubs. Talitha and Josef Bitschnau along with two of our African members, Abram and Gracious, will be making the 5,500 km journey through Zimbabwe and Mozambique to Malawi. Our journey, beginning on the 6th of July, will take us to Blantyre, Zomba, Mangochi, Mzuzu and Lilongwe. We are preparing more Bibles, training and gospel pamphlets to take for the work there.

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Activities Report for 2011

Activated Library and Reading Room:

The Library/Reading Room has served as a meeting place for prayer, Bible studies, worship and practice for the band consisting of 10 Christian youths. The Bible studies and Sunday meetings that were held throughout the year have provided direction and purpose to those attending.

Bible Studies:

We have completed the Bible course for the group of 15 interested students and teachers at the Langlaagte Technical Highschool. It was a joy to pour into the youngsters who are very active teaching and encouraging their peers to live a Christian life and reaching them for Jesus.

Other Bible study classes take place in Evaton West, Soweto and downtown Johannesburg.

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Little is much if God is in it


Last Wednesday I delivered 120 loaves of bread to Elijah our volunteer in Everton West. He distributes them to two poor pre-schools and those listed as needy families. Each time I make it a point to leave him with enough gospel tracts to pass them out to each beneficiary. This has been a life changer for some of them with some coming back to ask for more gospel pamphlet to share with their friends.

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Ask not what God can do for you

The other day during my prayer time the Lord told me amongst other things:  “ASK NOT WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU – ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR GOD!”  Maybe it’s a good thing to once in awhile ask ourselves this question.

We are just so grateful the Lord provided for the 3 Christmas parties:

  • Funds to buy lunch for 200 children
  • We’ve got the juice, cookies and other snacks for 200 children
  • We also have the stationary and a set of colouring pencils for each of the hildren
  • We’re getting 200 activity/story books
  • We’re getting our amplifier fixed and the sound system ready
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Say it with a rose!

Say it with a rose! We visited our senior friends again for their monthly feast. Welcomed like old friends with hugs we thought of doing something special for them. Sometimes it’s nice to get something special besides the necessity. So beside the delicious meal they received each a rose and they blossomed like the rose. The announcement of the upcoming Christmas party was received with lots of cheers and smiles.

Upcoming Christmas Programs – 2011

Here is a short update on the Christmas program.

One of our greatest obstacles was getting a couple buses to take 110 seniors to the venue for the Christmas party we organized. Many bus companies were booked out some didn’t want or couldn’t help and the prices for a bus ranged from R3800 to R7500. We were told that it is the season were the bus companies make their money and that we wouldn’t have much success in getting a bus.

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Two day spiritual retreat – Oct 2011

Last weekend we had a 2 day spiritual retreat for friends, volunteers and project managers from the townships. The topic was THE BODY OF CHRIST AND SUCCESS IN GOD’S EYES with question and answers in between. Especially success in God’s eyes was a hot topic and was continued to be discussed amongst the attendees long after the class. We closed the seminar on Sunday noon with communion, followed by a braai and fellowship. We had most people staying over at the venue and I had to transport extra mattresses, food and collect and drop the attendees at the taxi stands. Everyone greatly enjoyed it and asked for another retreat very soon.

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