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This year we receive sponsorship in the form of a booklet called “Freedom Within.” It is specifically written for inmates, those who have chosen to become Christians. The booklet centers on themes such as forgiving yourself and others, coping with fear and rejection, your relationship with the Lord and others, and much more.

Many of our course participants are looking for answers, are troubled by their past and desperate for forgiveness. Most struggle to come to terms with the sins of their past and are trying to cope with the difficulties of life in prison. The words in the booklet have resonated with the ones we were able to donate a copy of it to.

Here are some responses that we got:

  • I would like to thank you very much for sending me this important book  “Freedom Within – From Jesus with Love.” It is really full of words of comfort and guidance. This book has inspired me to forgive my mother who abandoned me when I was a child. Jesus said to forgive those who have wronged you. If you don’t forgive them He can’t forgive you the wrongs you have done. – Mpho
  • It was really good reading the book that you had sent to me. It was like you knew what was happening in my life. After reading this book many things started to change in my life. I’m a different person now. The part “Let go” really touched me. I was a person who likes holding grudges. But I have learned from the book to let go and forgive those who wronged me. In short, I can say this book taught me many things, how to love, forgive, praise, understand and care and to count on Jesus, and much more. – David
  • Everything inside the book “Freedom Within” speaks to me. I lost hope in friends and people around me. They do not trust me because of my previous life even if I tell them I am no longer that person. I learn a lot of things from this book, from articles like “A Brighter Tomorrow.” It motivates me to make changes about my life. Topics like “You Can Never Be Too Bad for Jesus” open my eyes. I used to judge myself according to the things that I had done. I did not know that there is Someone who loves me. Thank you again for blessing me with this book. – Siyabonga
  • Let me take this opportunity to say thank you so much for sending the book entitled “Freedom Within.” I went through it. It is very rich. Reading this book is like I am hearing directly from the Lord Jesus talking to me. This book is able to address my situation, it has taught me so much: 1. How to accept and how to love even those who throw me in prison. 2. The book further revealed how much Jesus suffered on earth. How He responded towards the opposition. Again the book is very easy to read. I don’t even know which words to use, because the book taught me so much. I am looking forward to receiving another book. – Thabiso
  • I appreciate your love, sympathy and the source of true love to my faith. I thank you for all the books and manuals because they changed my life. The program is perfect and increases the love to God and helps me read the Bible to get more wisdom from the word of God. I can now share the word of God with my family, friends and my fellow inmates. I wish to continue with the program to change other people’s lives like mine and be near God all the time through prayers. – Obabeng
  • Truly the book “Freedom Within” has been a blessing to me. Believe me when I say to you that in this book I found a treasure. I would certainly sell all I have, I mean all my possessions in this prison, for this book. I felt like Jesus indeed was or is talking to me when reading on topics and the pages that I flip to. The introduction made an everlasting mark and that could only be Jesus himself. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God bless the person who compiled and produced this book. – David
  • Keep on doing the great work of spreading the word of God to those who need it most like us here in prison where most of our brothers, especially those who are still unbelievers, don’t have hope, and feel rejected by their loved ones and family and friends. I want to thank you a million times for the spiritual book you send for us. You just reminded me that I chose the right path to walk with a friend (Jesus) through this time, Someone I can depend on. – Gcina
  • I am very grateful for all the teachings and encouragements I receive from you. I had many questions like why am I facing all this misery of being in jail. But within the pages of the book “Freedom Within” I managed to get the answers. There is nothing that can separate me from the love of God which is mine through Christ Jesus my Lord and Friend. Even though I am in prison I know that Jesus Christ will never leave me nor forsake me. This gives me peace and assurance that God loves me. I am very grateful for all your support to help me grow spiritually. May God richly bless you as you touch and lead many souls to Christ through your ministry. – Ndonyane
  • I would like to thank you for the book “Freedom Within”. I thank you for taking good care of the lost sheep of God. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord. Your labour in the Lord is not in vain. (1. Cor. 15:58) Thank you for showing interest in me. It helps me to understand my potential and realizing that my potential was not given to me to deposit in the grave. The greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life that never realized its full potential. Today I decided not to rob the world of the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within me. Thank you for the booklet of inspiration that gives me hope and light in the dark days of my life. Thank you so much. May God richly bless all my Christian family.  – Jacob


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