Activities Report for 2015

Helping Those in Need

The following is a list of food items distributed by Family Care Ministries in 2015:

  •  245 crates of canned and dry goods
  • 1054 crates of fresh fruits, vegetables and other assorted foods
  • 3600 loaves of bread
  • 650 kg cucumbers
  • 500 kg frozen vegetables
  • 390 kg potatoes
  • 250 kg maize
  • 100 l of oil
  • 120 kg of sugar
  • 75 kg of chicken
  • 500 kg of Vienna sausages
  • 240 l of milk
  • 7000 eggs
  • 350 kg broken biscuit, cookies or rusks
  • 20 kg chips
  • 320 kg of a rice, soya, and dehydrated vegetable mix

This adds up to many hours of driving to pick up and deliver food items as we aim to help as many needy families and child-headed households as possible through our food distribution program. There seems to be no end to the need, but we believe that as we help and encourage those in need both physically and spiritually they will become empowered to help themselves.

Family Care Ministries volunteers brought a wholesome hot meal and a piece of fruit every month of the year to 120 elderly pensioners in Brixton.

food Program web (2)

Food Program web







Early Childhood Development Workshops: A group of 18 preschool teachers from different creches in Orange Farm attended a three day Early Childhood Development Workshop. Talitha taught on physical, cognitive, language, communication, social and emotional development throughout the first five years of a child’s life. She shared teaching tips and practical activities that support development. The teachers found the material envisioning and stimulating and were eager to share what they have learned and to try out the many learning activities found in the 250 page manual each received.

Twenty preschool teachers in Walkerville requested a workshop on brain development. The role teachers and parents play in a young child’s life and development are so vital and every day counts. The tips shared on how to enrich a young child’s environment through planned learning activities and experiences were well received.

Early learning topics were also shared with another group of 19 practitioners. This workshop explains both how young children learn through play and seeks to encourage, envision and impress on caretakers the importance of their work. Included below are some comments.

  • I think this program is very good. What we need is more time. Please make a plan, our community needs you. This is just a drop; we are many. We have more children who need this program. Your presentation is excellent. Keep up your good work. I gained a lot of knowledge in a short time. Thank you. – Valerie
  • The workshop was very helpful. I learned a lot on the different ages of children. Do not stop, go on and give us more knowledge. Suggestions: More workshops and equipment making. We need you in our area.
  • The workshop was very fruitful and I’m looking forward to other sessions especially since you use pictures for everyone to understand. If you can try to organise and increase the time of training, it would be better.

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High School Workshop

In cooperation with Change the World Trust, Family Care Ministries offered two full day training workshops to a total of 76 educators from 5 different High Schools from township areas. The discussions made it evident that the theme of classroom management and discipline was well chosen and appreciated as it touched on topics that add a lot of stress to teachers. Consistency in following through on measures and sticking to foundation principles will result in improved learning which is the end goal.  Here are a few comments that were shared.

  • I wish every teacher in my school can get this workshop. It is helping a lot with some of the issues of teaching and learning without burning yourself out, by setting boundaries for yourself and the learners. – Busisiwe
  • This was an excellent seminar. I recommend that such seminars should continue. – Maxwell
  • The workshop was so relevant and helpful. I wish I attended the workshop before I start teaching. – Tlhapedi
  • I found this workshop so educational and it is what we need in our classroom to enable us to know what to do to when facing the challenges that we find ourselves in. – M. P.

Prison Ministry

Family Care Ministries offered again two courses to the inmates of the Kutama Correctional Center in Makhado. Of the 210 inmates that signed up in 2015 182 successfully completed and graduated from the course. Five inmates finished the advanced course in 2015. This translates into printing and mailing nearly 16,000 copies of Bible study materials. In addition to that we mailed 91 booklets which supplement the course material. Some of the course participants are inmates who are still looking for answers, troubled and desperate for forgiveness and having little idea of what the Christian life is really all about. Others have become Christians already but still grapple to come to terms with the sins of their past and are trying to cope with the difficulties of life in prison. The course material we provide inmates with appears to help and strengthen their faith and meet those needs. Here are some responses that we get from the tests that we receive from inmates.

  • Thanks for teaching us the words of God. When I was outside I was knowing nothing about the words of God but now thanks to the course today I know the words of the Lord Jesus. It helps us to never give up on attending to the words of God. –  Seja
  • Firstly I wish to thank you for what you are doing for my brothers and me here in prison. Some of us we come to prison not knowing the word of God but because of Family Care Ministries we know Him. The word of God changed me to be a better person. I want to thank you for your courses which help me in knowing the word of God better and to grow in it. If I was not in prison I would not have known about you. God knows why I am here in prison, now I am able to help others know the word of God. I just want to thank you and Father Josef for the wonderful job you are doing for us as inmates. – Peter (course facilitator and inmate)
  • This Family Care Ministries Bible Study course is important to me. I used to go to church every Sunday but now my life is changed. Thanks for teaching us to know more about Jesus Christ. – Simon
  • I would like to say that this Bible course shows me the way of life and is an inspiration to me. – Tshepang

Christmas Programs and Events

Christmas events

Spreading some Christmas cheer








Family Care Ministries’ Christmas programs and events have benefited 650 children and 120 elderly. Three Christmas events were organized for the children in Diepkloof, Soweto, Evaton West and Orange Farm. The children enjoyed lots of action, games and play on the jumping castles that were hired for them. Family Care Ministries provided a lunch, juice and cookies for each child and a gift parcel containing some stationary items and a colouring and story book to take home. We visited the 120 elderly people we have been ministering throughout the year to bring them a special Christmas meal. The following day we returned to spent some time with each pensioner individually to share some personal words and prayer and to hand each a food parcel.


Family Care Ministries volunteer’s passion is to share with all they meet and work with what God has done in their lives and to explain what He wants to do for them. By providing educational and inspirational materials, we share God’s love and answers which bring peace and joy to weary hearts and souls meeting their spiritual needs. When and where visitation is not feasible, Family Care Ministries volunteers use social media such as email, Facebook, SMS or Whatsapp to spread the message, to counsel and encourage. Throughout this year we have continued to print and distribute Bibles and New Testaments, Bible course material, Scripture verse booklets, tracts and other Christian books.

Malawi Work

Gracious, a Family Care Ministries member in Malawi, has been busy establishing Bible study groups in Zomba and Mzuzu.  This keeps him busy teaching on a daily basis. When not busy with that, he takes course participants along as he goes out to visit the sick in hospitals and to evangelize and share the message of salvation going door to door in communities. This impresses on them that as Christians they have a commission to fulfill. Family Care Ministries members here in South Africa are providing Gracious and his team with tracts and booklets in the local language for his outreach and classes. This has made a difference and left an impact in neighborhoods as he teaches pastors and leaders  to turn around and share what they have learned with others.


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