Activities Report for 2012

 Helping those in need:

Food donations of approximately 1,200 liters of milk, 4,500 loaves of bread, 200 kg oats, 50 kg of maize, 900 kg of potatoes, 750 kg of frozen potato fries, 400 cans of cream, 350 kg of frozen veggies, 120 trays of eggs, 500 kg of meat, 800+ crates of assorted foods, fruits and vegetables went to the needy, elderly, unemployed and our mission stations.

Each month of 2012 we served a wholesome meal to 120 elderly in Brixton, an area housing many low income families and people. In addition to this, we regularly delivered bread, other food items and vitamins to assist them. Family Care Ministries members arranged medical care for two of the elderly, an eye-checkup and sponsorship for the needed eye glasses and treatment for a 96 year old lady suffering from ingrown toenails.

Work among the youth:

Nduduzu and Ndivhuwo in Soweto, Elijah in Evaton West, and Abram in Diepsloot continued to spearhead our work amongst the youth. Offering mentorship, spiritual guidance and a listening ear, gives the children, teenagers and young people much needed attention. The greatest need for those going through the turbulent teenage years is often finding a sense of belonging and a purpose in life. This is where our workers and the Gospel come in.

Activated Library and Reading Room:

In Soweto Nduduzu and Ndivhuwo, our young Family Care Ministries members, have used the library and reading room as a meeting place for prayer, Bible studies as well as for practice for the music band that was formed in 2011. It has continued to draw other youths in which are then trained in active service and outreach. It is wonderful to see the zeal and enthusiasm of these young people despite the difficulties and struggles many face with unemployment and other hardships.

School program

Family Care Ministries did a school program for 135 learners for 9 to 14 year olds at Sefikeng Primary School in Leuuwkop. We showed the DVD ‘The Story of Jesus for Children’ which tells the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during His time on earth. After the showing we found that learners had a hard time believing that the miracles they saw Jesus perform really happened. We were able to discuss about what personal faith can do for them. The comparisons and metaphors we used seemed to make sense to all the learners and as a result nearly all stood to repeat a salvation prayer. To end our activity we enjoyed a snack together taking lots of photos with them and parted giving each a stationary set as a small gift.

Bible Studies:

Bible studies continued in the townships and throughout Johannesburg. Each group is initiated and led by Family Care Ministries members who continue to share what they have learned through the 12 Foundation Stones Course and other training they have received. Throughout the classes attendees are encouraged to actively participate in mission work instead of looking only to learn facts or acquire Bible knowledge for their own benefit. Teaching others to teach others empowers.



Regular outreach and visitation teams reached people in the townships of Evaton West, Orange Farm, Diepsloot, the Vaal Triangle, an area of 3 towns located about 90km south of Johannesburg and other places.



Aside from the supervision and counsel our project managers received on a weekly basis throughout 2012, Family Care Ministries held bi-monthly meetings to inspire, strengthen as well as encourage discussion and exchange ideas among our volunteer staff.   

Educator Training Worshops:

In coordination with Connecting Leaders we held 6 workshops for 8 primary schools in the Tembisa area. The educators were presented with envisioning thoughts and material gleaned from many educational and other websites to help them keep the overall mission and vision of their task in focus. It is so easy to forget why we do what we do when surrounded by problems and difficulties. Topics such as self-motivation, initiative, communication and team working seemed to hit a resonant chord with the educators as well. The workshop contained lots of practical application where everyone could see either through discussion or exercises how it is done.

Here are just a couple reactions that we got:

  • The workshop was very fruitful, educational, empowering and motivational, and skill-building as well. I hope that we will have more of this kind in the near future. I really appreciate the seminar and the efforts made by the training team. After the workshop we will go to our schools or working environment to apply the skills taught.
  • I enjoyed the workshop, it helped me a lot. I managed to look at myself, evaluate me and double check as to whether I am a good leader or not. It was very effective and productive. I have learned a lot for the past two days. Thank you guys, I don’t regret coming to your workshops. I would like to have another workshop on discipline and child/learner management.

Prison Ministry:

Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre (Maximum Security Prison in Makhado, Limpopo):

In December, 2012 we concluded another successful year running our Bible study course at this prison – for the 7th year in a row. A total of 168 inmates participated in the two courses we offered. We mailed to students 1,257 copies of the class sheets accompanying the eight unit course as well as 37 booklets. The material left a visible impact on the inmates’ lives as was evident from the tests and letters we received. In early January we were able to award 124 students with certificates. Here are some reactions from inmates:

  • Tshepo: The Lord helped me when I was bound in chains, suffering for what I had done. God showed me my sins and my pride. He made me to listen to His warning to turn away from evil. If I hadn’t obeyed God and decided to serve Him, I would have no peace to this day.
  • Tiisetso: God helped me when I thought it was over with my life. He made me realize that He loves me more than anything else in this world. I felt like there was no one who cared about me but God comforted me and made me acknowledge Him and told me that He is there for me no matter what happens.

Christmas Activities:

Family Care Ministries volunteers want – more than anything else – to touch lives and reflect the love that He has brought into their own lives in a tangible way. So the focus of our Christmas activities was children, young people and the elderly.

Children’s parties: Volunteers organized again a Christmas party in Orange Farm and one in Evaton West in December. The program included songs, the Christmas story or a drama, activities and games. People from the community came forward to help prepare and serve the hot dogs, drinks and snacks we had bought. Everyone pitched in to pack and distribute the gifts for the children: pencils, colour pencils, stationary sets, colouring books, masks, cereal, snack packs and more. What a joy it was to put some smiles on the children’s faces.

Party for the elderly: We wanted to organize another event for the elderly as they so enjoyed the party that we had organized at a lodge the previous year. We appreciated it when two other charities who operate in the area offered to join Family Care Ministries in hosting the event. The hall and catering supplies were quickly organized as each contacted friends who would back up this effort. Everyone helped to get gifts for the elderly which included toiletry hampers, Christian Magazines and raffle prizes. Everyone contributed something to provide the meal or to set up the community hall.

The elderly were so eager that all of them arrived one hour early. No one wanted to miss out. We had a short program prepared which included sharing an inspirational Christmas message, a performance and sing-along with a children’s singing troupe, and a ‘free’ raffle. The meal turned out to be a real feast which the elderly thoroughly enjoyed. Some thanked us and the many other volunteers over and over again as they appreciated the effort and the time we spent with them so much.

Malawi Work:

Though most of our efforts are concentrated on the local work, we were able to do two mission trips to various cities in Malawi to encourage and train our workers and the youth that they have been ministering to. It was very inspiring to hear the testimonies of lives changed and to see the enthusiasm of the youth to reach their own. We got to know many of them more closely, gained insight into the needs and challenges of the work and were able to supply the work in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mangochi, Zomba and Mzuzu with Bible study materials, motivational Christian books and tracts.

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