Activities Report for 2011

Activated Library and Reading Room:

The Library/Reading Room has served as a meeting place for prayer, Bible studies, worship and practice for the band consisting of 10 Christian youths. The Bible studies and Sunday meetings that were held throughout the year have provided direction and purpose to those attending.

Bible Studies:

We have completed the Bible course for the group of 15 interested students and teachers at the Langlaagte Technical Highschool. It was a joy to pour into the youngsters who are very active teaching and encouraging their peers to live a Christian life and reaching them for Jesus.

Other Bible study classes take place in Evaton West, Soweto and downtown Johannesburg.


Regular outreach teams reach people in Evaton West, Orange Farm, the Vaal Triangle, Diepsloot and other places while emails and SMSs encourage the many  others we cannot visit or speak to personally as regularly as we would like to.

Training Workshop:

We held a two day workshop and retreat to offer additional training to our volunteer staff. They join us regularly for activities or run their own projects.

We discussed different ways to minister to those in our neighbourhoods and communities highlighting that we each have our own gifts and talents. We looked at what God considers success and practiced giving answers based on scripture when asked questions in the course of our outreach.

Prison Ministry:

We have been running two Bible study courses for the past 6 years now at Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre in Louis Trichardt – a more basic one which students are required to attend and the more advanced 12 Foundation Stones course. Each enrolled inmate receives monthly class sheets and booklets free of charge. The courses include a test after each module which is then mailed to us for assessment. We have monitored attendance, progress and offered counsel or assistance when and where needed.

In 2011, 63 inmates participated in the two courses offered. A total of 644 classes as well as 53 booklets were mailed to them. The courses teach basic Christian living and challenge inmates to come to grips with mistakes of their past, to tolerate and understand others, to see the needs of others and sense a responsibility towards their fellowmen, to resolve differences and tackle other personal problems. We believe the courses greatly benefit the mental wellbeing of inmates helping them to view their past and circumstances in a more positive light and encouraging them to look towards an improved future. 41 students graduated at the end of the year each receiving a certificate.

Leeuwkop Prison

Jeff and Linda White have continued visitation at this juvenile detention centre. They report a total 730 printed classes handed out with 32 inmates graduating from the 2 courses they offered. They comment:

“It has been a wonderful inspiration and privilege  for us to be able to work with these men and has  been one of our best years yet.   Although many  of the men are already Bible reading Christians by the time we meet them, it still never ceases to amaze us how much more they know by the end of the course. We see how studying the different aspects of the Bible more deeply and striving  to put the things it teaches into effect influences  their  lives for good.  They listen closely and react sincerely.  Many have come to us privately at the end of the course and told us how much it has meant to them and that they feel it has truly helped them to become better men. They also have been motivated to pass on the positive things they have learned to their friends, cell mates, families, and loved ones. L. White

Helping those in need:

Feeding Schemes:

Monthly and weekly donations of bread and other food items have gone to Christway, Turffontein, Jubilee Community Services, to the elderly in Brixton and Buyis’ithemba Health Community Project in Zakariyya Park which among others offers assistance to some childheaded households. Needy families in Soweto, Orange Farm and Evaton also benefitted.

The goods and items donated to institutions and individuals have been much appreciated. Christway Centre houses 30 children and runs in addition to that a feeding scheme to over 300 people. Buyis’ithemba Health Community Project in Zakariyya Park assists 250 children orphans, childheaded households, as well as children from needy families. Jubilee Community Services houses 15 orphaned teenagers and runs a creche and feeding scheme in addition to this.

Approximately 300 people/children received food aid regularly throughout the year.

Assisting the Elderly:

Since November 2010 we have provided a meal to approximately 120 elderly in three different complexes in Brixton. Many struggle to make ends meet especially towards the end of the month so we have aside the last Saturday of each month for this project. The wholesome meal and encouraging words are always much appreciated.

Mandela Day:

Members of Family Care Ministries participated in an event at Ithembelihle Lsen School which was organized by Change the World Trust. We spent the greater part of the day with the handicapped children playing games and having a great deal of fun interacting with them and putting a smile on their faces. We had prepared a variety of games so that each of the precious children would be able to try their hand at something.

It was heart warming to see them try and do their best and even go beyond their capabilities and then laughing when things didn’t quite work out the way they wanted them to. What an example of faith and determination. We all left feeling a change for the better in our own hearts.

Christmas Party for the Elderly:

We organized a Christmas event for the elderly from Brixton. Valverde Lodge in Muldersdrift sponsored the venue and meal for them while others assisted the elderly or provided the music and entertainment. A highlight of the program was when several of the elderly took to the mike and contributed their favourite song, hymn or played a comb as an instrument.
It was good to get them out of their dismal surroundings and to see them enjoy themselves. Each attendee got a gift pack with a toothbrush, toothpaste, as well as a devotional book and magazine.

Christmas Parties:

Approximately 100 children attended our Christmas Party in Evaton West and thoroughly enjoyed the games, meal and gift package they each received. The children loved to participate in decorating a small Christmas tree and dressing up to act out the Christmas story. Everyone including all the volunteers and parents had a wonderful time enjoying the songs and dance.

We repeated the program at a school for 120 orphans and youth in Zakariyya Park who we try to provide for throughout the year with as much as we are able to. The work it took organizing these events is quickly forgotten when seeing the children’s joy and hearing their laughter.

Malawi Work:

Three Malawian volunteers who had gone through training while in South Africa returned to their home country to make a difference in their communities. We have tried to do our best to support their efforts by supplying them with resources unavailable in their country. So far they have received more than 200 kg of outreach materials, Bibles and study material.

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