Through the storm

Our heart is heavy when we see people’s suffering and hear about their heartbreaks. The other day we received the following email. We pray that God will answer speedily. May He give strength and courage to those in similar situations and open doors for those who need jobs. 

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. It’s been such a struggle to keep going! Only bad things have happened in the past 3 years. Though I’m trying to remain strong, I do keep wondering “what next?”

I found out on my birthday that my husband had left me for another. The divorce date came out on my birthday the following year. I still hadn’t come to terms with the divorce when I heard 6 months later that he was killed. I have lost my husband twice.

Then I got a really great man as a partner but he lost his job! I then lost my job four months ago! It’s too much! I can’t find another job. I need prayers to be able to keep on believing and that at least one of us can get a paying job or an opportunity to get a business going and that my horrific depression can go away. I spend days in bed.

How does one encourage and answer a cry like this? We have to go to the Answer Man, the Comforter and Provider Himself, who knows and cares more than we can imagine.

Here is the message of love and comfort from Jesus that we sent to this dear woman.

Through the storm

I can’t promise to spare you from the storms of life, but I can promise to be with you through them. My help comes in a variety of forms. It may not always come in the form you expect, but it will come. I will never leave you to struggle on your own.

When you ask for My help, I will answer you prayer. When you are fearful, I will give you faith to trust Me, peace of mind and courage to go on. When you are weak and weary, lean on Me and I will give you strength like you’ve never known. When your heart is broken, I will mend it.

I can’t keep you from all hardships and sorrows, but I can make the troubles of life bearable and bring about good in the end. I can help your spirit rise above the storms of life. Above the clouds—up here in heavenly places with Me—the sun is always shining. I am sunshine on a rainy day, the rainbow after the storm. I am the bright ray of hope that puts the sparkle back in your eyes.

The present storm will pass. In the meantime, let Me keep you through the storm.

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