Rising from the ashes of defeat

By Talitha


Each year we receive letters and test answers which make it evident that lives are changing in prison. Not all goes to our credit. We know that one sows the seeds another waters it but it is God that made it grow.

Here are some responses we received:

My life has changed completely since I started learning and reading the word of God. I used to think life was over for me, but now I have no more that thought again. My life has changed for the better.

I went through a stage in my life where I felt that I’m a hopeless case. That’s when I heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I gave my life to Christ and that’s when bit by bit my life has been transformed to a new creature. I love the Scripture where Jesus says if the Son has set you free you are free indeed.The words of God give me light and happiness. When I read the word of God, I feel free.

My life has radically been transformed through the word of God. I had this struggle of mind but I have learned to fight the darkness. I have to allow the light to come in. Through meditating and putting the word in practice I have changed my way of thinking and acting.

God helped me because now I am a forgiven person and I know good from bad things. If someone pushes me to be cross, I just call on God’s name and I can forgive him while before I used to get into fights with people.

Today I am a new person and now I can tell my friends about the love they can receive from God. Before receiving Christ, I was always fighting and always swearing people but now I’m proud to say I am a son of God and living a positive life and am happy.

I was a person who is having a short temper, but now through the reading of the word of God and also by the helper of the Holy Spirit I’m able to do things according to the word of God and to please Him in everything that I’m doing based on His word.

In my life now I need to attend Bible courses until I understand the Word of God because now it seems my life is changing. Thanks for all who make me to attend the Bible course. Thanks.

I have found peace within myself whereas in the past I was a very bitter man and a sinner and carnalminded person, After studying the word and starting to meditate a lot of things have changed within me. Although I’m still struggling with others, with God’s Word I will conquer all.

I have changed my life. I have changed my attitude. I am now willing to work on positive things only, and avoid the problems in my life because God said, “everything is possible for those who believe.”

The Word is renewing my mind on a daily basis. Thoughts that used to bring me discouragement are fleeing from my life daily. I have learned how to speak positively and in line with God’s Word in my life regardless of my daily challenges and circumstances.

In the past, when I was still outside before I commit crime, I was in darkness about knowing that Jesus Christ is alive. But now I see where I’m going in my life since I attend Family Care Ministries Bible study.

Good things have come into my life. I have good friends that their mind is positive. I know how to accept others as the Lord accepts me as His son. I know how to live with other people and to forgive one another. Even now, I know God is there, God loves us more than everything that is here in the world. I will never turn back. I am a son of God.

The good things that came into my life since I began to learn God’s word is that whether I’m going through some difficult challenges, I know that “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. God‘s word is power unto salvation.

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