Into all the world …

We would like to give a little report of our trip to Malawi this July 2012. Our team consisted of Josef (Austrian), Talitha (German), Abram (South African) and Gracious (Malawian). We saw soon how each of us would bring his/her own gifts and talents to the table to make this mission trip a success. We travelled with our bakkie through Zimbabwe and Mozambique, a journey which took us 3 days.

From the onset of this year the work among the youth in Malawi had grown by leaps and bounds spreading to various parts of the country. We felt the need to make this trip to meet the youth and workers in the various cities to assess the situation and needs.  Most of the Activated Youth Clubs are in Lilongwe, the capital city. Others are in Mzuzu in the very north of Malawi and others yet in or near the cities of Zomba, Mangochi and Salima which are located along Lake Malawi.

It was truly an experience and very inspiring to visit the different cities and outlying areas and get to know many of those that had joined recently. If we can equip and train the youth to reach the cities and villages around, then we are reaching the whole of Malawi. What an inspiring vision!

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Reaching the Youth of Malawi

Pastor Hanock Simenti, from Global Gospel Assembly Church

My heart and spirit convicts me to write to you to testify of the benefits of Activated and what it is doing for us here in Malawi. Before I got to know the Activated Club I was regarding it as simple. Now I am surprised at how powerful it is and see its importance. As pastor I have special times to sit down with the youth encouraging them in spiritual matters. I inquired about the benefits and achievements the youth found in the Activated Clubs. I would like to share the testimonies that they told me and what they get from participating. May I beg you to read with close attention about some of the factual benefits.

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Upcoming Malawi Trip – July 2012

William Carey once said “attempt great things for God and expect great things from God.” We like to do just that throughout this year reaching out to those in South Africa and beyond its borders.

The time has come  to venture out to upper Africa, Malawi to visit and strengthen our two mission outposts  and 14 Activated Youth clubs. Talitha and Josef Bitschnau along with two of our African members, Abram and Gracious, will be making the 5,500 km journey through Zimbabwe and Mozambique to Malawi. Our journey, beginning on the 6th of July, will take us to Blantyre, Zomba, Mangochi, Mzuzu and Lilongwe. We are preparing more Bibles, training and gospel pamphlets to take for the work there.

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Little is much if God is in it


Last Wednesday I delivered 120 loaves of bread to Elijah our volunteer in Everton West. He distributes them to two poor pre-schools and those listed as needy families. Each time I make it a point to leave him with enough gospel tracts to pass them out to each beneficiary. This has been a life changer for some of them with some coming back to ask for more gospel pamphlet to share with their friends.

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Welcome to the New Year – 2012

Welcome to the New Year! We pray that we can be blessing and encouragement to you throughout this year. Our hearts desire and prayer  is for God to bless you with good health, peace, joy, contentment of heart and financial prosperity.

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What is your vision for this year?

No vision and you perish,
No ideal and you’re lost.
Your heart must ever cherish
”Some faith at any cost.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. — Gail Devers

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Ask not what God can do for you

The other day during my prayer time the Lord told me amongst other things:  “ASK NOT WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU – ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR GOD!”  Maybe it’s a good thing to once in awhile ask ourselves this question.

We are just so grateful the Lord provided for the 3 Christmas parties:

  • Funds to buy lunch for 200 children
  • We’ve got the juice, cookies and other snacks for 200 children
  • We also have the stationary and a set of colouring pencils for each of the hildren
  • We’re getting 200 activity/story books
  • We’re getting our amplifier fixed and the sound system ready
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Through the storm

Our heart is heavy when we see people’s suffering and hear about their heartbreaks. The other day we received the following email. We pray that God will answer speedily. May He give strength and courage to those in similar situations and open doors for those who need jobs. 

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