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God’s unconditional love for you!

As part of Bible study class we shared the following text with inmates at Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre in Makhado, Limpopo. Knowing how much God values us as believers helps us realize how indebted we are to Him to live a life dedicated to Him.

Jesus’ love is reaching out to you right now. His love, His forgiveness and His mercy are all right there, just for you, if you will only receive them. Jesus is not stacking up all your faults and failures and mistakes to hold against you. When He looks at you He sees possibilities that others do not see. He sees your every tear. He hears your every cry. He feels your every frustration, your every worry, your every burden, your every desire. He knows everything about you. He sees straight through to your heart of hearts and all that is in it, and He deeply loves you. He is right there by your side, and He will never ever forsake you.  He loves you and He patiently waits for you!

Here are some of the responses we got from inmates that participate in our Bible study course:

I feel like Jesus has forgiven me all my sins. He has accepted me into His Kingdom. He is embracing me. He is completely protecting me. He loves me and wants me to live a clean life. – Frans

Reading these words give me hope that Jesus loves me just the way I am. If I ask Him for forgiveness He will give it. He can even see all my frustration. All I need to do is believe in Him and have faith as He has been long waiting for me. – Thamsanqa

These words from God make me feel painful because of my sin. From now on I will be strong.  I want to be with God day and night. – Jabulani

These words make me feel so important and safe. Even though other people can see me as nothing, Jesus Christ loves me despite all my faults. He is always by my side to protect me against all dangers and shows His love by protecting me. – Tendai

These words make me feel valuable and much loved.  – John

I have never heard these words before. These words make me feel very special. I feel that Jesus is with me wherever I go. Thank you for these words. –  Ogopuleng

These words make me feel freed from sin. Freed to obey the ten commandments God spoke. Jesus told us to love one another as we love ourselves. – Matamba

These words of God healed me because they showed me a true love, forgiveness and mercy. I feel born again. – Mmbara

These words make me feel blessed. When Jesus loves you, He loves you for real. His love neve condemns us. His love is not like our love. Ours ends but His love is eternal until the end of the world. – Meshack


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