Christmas Activities 2012

Christmas is the one time the world is compelled to recognise Jesus as the day of His birth is remembered! He was born into poor and humble circumstances much like the billion children living in poverty today. He came to show love to the downtrodden, show love to all and to bring a gift of infinite worth, eternal life. What a privilege and wonderful time to share with others what Jesus came for. Christmas offers new hope and new courage which is so sorely needed in the darkness that prevails in the world.

Family Care Ministries volunteers want, more than anything else, touch lives and reflect the love that He has brought into our own lives in a tangible way. So our focus for the yearend was to spend time with the children, young people and elderly.

School Program

The Lord laid youngsters on our hearts who are entering the often turbulent teenage years, the age of decision. Knowing the negative influences, difficult circumstances and frustrations they face at their young age, we sought for ways we could direct and point them in the right direction. When considering what we could do, we were reminded of a DVD, ‘The Story of Jesus for Children’, which a friend of ours had given us. Just a little over one hour in length and featured in most of the South African languages, this DVD would be ideal for a showing to 9-14 year olds.

After gathering the needed equipment and making the necessary arrangements, we set off meeting the 135 learners at Sefikeng Primary School in Leuuwkop. We divided the three 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes according to their home languages, Zulu and Sesotho. There was a lot of excitement in the air when the learners crowded into the small library room the school has, as it is not often that their school routine is broken. After a short introduction we went right into the showing of the DVD which tells the story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children who might have lived during His time on earth which made the story very relatable. The youngsters broke out several times into laughing or chuckles as they watched Jesus heal the blind man, raise the dead and multiply the loaves and fishes. We could see them deeply touched seeing how Jesus was betrayed, wrongly accused and crucified when all He was “guilty of” was going about everywhere doing good.

After the showing we asked the learners some questions as to what they found hard to believe. Everyone responded and for many the miracles seemed impossible. We then discussed about faith and what it can do for them. We explained that by faith we can experience the same miracles that Jesus has done 2000 years ago in our own lives today. We illustrated our point by using the example of watching a 3D movie. It is only when we wear the glasses (of faith) that we can get the benefit of seeing all the effects that a 3D movie offers. We explained that if we tell them of a waterpark and all the thrilling rides it features, they will only find and experience all it offers when and if they follow the directions others give and make their way there. This seemed to make a lot of sense to all the learners. When we told them that the first step is to open their heart and receive Him as their Lord and Saviour, they were eager to and nearly all stood to repeat a salvation prayer. To end our activity we enjoyed a snack together taking lots of photos with them and parted giving each a stationary set as a small gift.

Children’s Christmas Parties

Family Care Ministries workers  again organized a Christmas party in Orange Farm and one in Evaton West in December. As always the children crowded around eager to participate. We sang songs with everyone following along with the actions. We shared the Christmas story and message in word or through acting out a simple drama. We reminded the children of the need to thank God for all their blessings. As each of the children shared something they were thankful for, they received a bubble to hang on a small Christmas tree. This simple little activity never fails to thrill the children as they rarely get to decorate a Christmas tree. At one of the venues we had the space to divide the children into groups to play games which they really enjoyed.

It was beautiful to see the folks from the community get together to help make this event special. A number joined in helping to prepare and serve the hot dogs, drinks and snacks we had brought. Everyone pitched in to pack and distribute the gifts we had brought: pencils, colour pencils, stationary sets, colouring books, masks, cereal, snack packs and more. What a joy it was to put some smiles on the children’s faces.

Brixton Christmas lunch for the elderly

After hearing of the inspiring time the elderly had in the previous year at a party that we had organized for them at a lodge, two other charities who operate in the area offered to join Family Care Ministries members this year to make something special happen for the elderly again. We welcomed the offer as we were seriously wondering how we could manage on our own with all that an event for 120 elderly entails. Well, the Lord had the answer – many hands make light work. The hall and catering supplies were quickly organized as we each contacted those we knew who would back up this effort. Everyone helped to get gifts for the elderly which included toiletry hampers, Christian Magazines and raffle prizes. We divided up the lunch courses with some providing the meat dish, rice and drinks, others the salads, and others the desserts. Everyone pitched in to set up the hall of the recreation centre decorating each table beautifully with Christmas wreaths.

The elderly were so eager that all of them arrived one hour early. No one wanted to miss out. We had a little program prepared which included sharing an inspirational Christmas message, a performance and sing-along with a children’s troupe, and a ‘free’ raffle. The meal turned out to be a real feast which the elderly thoroughly enjoyed. Some thanked us and the many other volunteers over and over again. Ready with a smile to help serve or to spend some time interacting and chatting, all left a lasting impression on some dear and often overlooked people.

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