Ask not what God can do for you

The other day during my prayer time the Lord told me amongst other things:  “ASK NOT WHAT GOD CAN DO FOR YOU – ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR GOD!”  Maybe it’s a good thing to once in awhile ask ourselves this question.

We are just so grateful the Lord provided for the 3 Christmas parties:

  • Funds to buy lunch for 200 children
  • We’ve got the juice, cookies and other snacks for 200 children
  • We also have the stationary and a set of colouring pencils for each of the hildren
  • We’re getting 200 activity/story books
  • We’re getting our amplifier fixed and the sound system ready

More good news:

  • The Lord provided the funds for the 2 buses to transport the 120 seniors from Brixton to the Christmas party at the Valverde Hotel in Muldersdrift. We’re buying this week the gifts for the seniors and are preparing the program.
  • We brought lots of bread for some needy families in Evaton West and to two gogos in Orangefarm, one with a house full of kids. The Lord has His way of leading us to some special folks.
  • We’re helping a sweet single mother with 5 young kids in Soweto regularly with milk, bread, meat, fruit and vegetables. When I arrive at their gate the kids come running out cheerily greeting me with “Father Josef”. Within minutes I get my weekly quota of snuggles and hugs.
  • When in Diepkloof we share crates of food with 4 jobless families all living in small shacks next to each other.
  • Recently we started helping a struggling crèche in Diepsloot with 100 loaves of bread.
  • The children’s home in Maraisburg collects bi-weekly crates of vegetables, fruit, meat and milk. The administrator was especially thankful for the milk and meat as they can’t afford to buy these and often have to go without it.
  • Once a month we’re also donating 80 loaves of bread to an orphanage in Alexandria.
  • A computer set up was donated to Elijah our project manager in Evaton West.
  • I had a meeting with our Malawian translators. They are working tirelessly on translating tracts into the two Malawian languages, Chewa & Timbuktu.
  • We donated 2 used computer set ups to the translation team so that they can do their work easier and more efficient.

This week we will do a lot of packing of snacks, stationary, and gifts in preparation for the Christmas parties which will be held on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then preparations will be underway for the senior party on the 15th the following week.

We are just so thankful for all our sponsors who so generously and graciously support our work. We truly appreciate each and every one of them and couldn’t do it without them.

Once the parties are over we’re planning a trip to Limpopo. One of our co-workers who regularly visits his family there mentioned the dire needs some families in this rural area face. We’re taking a bakkie and trailer and by God’s grace we will fill it up with food and clothing. Let’s celebrate Christmas by sharing a little of our own with those in need.

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