Activities Report for 2020

Our Response to the COVID 19 Pandemic

Help for the Needy

Though corporate giving has gone down in South Africa and despite the fact that many NPOs are struggling, God is still on the throne and prayer changes things. Our thoughtful and compassionate supporters and our dedicated volunteers continued to stand by Family Care Ministries this year. Despite the hardships many faced in their own lives, the donations given allowed us to buy the hundreds and hundreds of kilogrammes of fruit, vegetables, rice, potatoes, maize, samp, soya mince and other protein to enable us to serve 65,399 meals and to buy the food items for the 483 food parcels this year.

In addition to the feeding schemes we  have been running in Orange Farm and Evaton West for many years, Family Care Ministries volunteers opened a feeding scheme to approximately 250 children and elderly in Eldorado Park. Schools were closed for a good part of the year and once they reopened, children only attended classes on some of the weekdays. This meant that many missed out not only having their educational needs met but also on the meals that they are usually provided with at schools. We tried to fill the gap where we could and started feeding children three times a week in Eldorado Park and stepped up our  feeding in Drieziek Ext 9, in Orange Farm from feeding 300-450 meals once a week to feeding three times a week. For a good part of the year Family Care Ministries was able to also expand this food programme to the informal settlements of Tjovitjo nearby. This brought our food distribution close to 9,000 meals during these months.

Our volunteers also visit the elderly in their homes to help clean, cook meals or collect medication at the clinic on their behalf when needed.

Our monthly feeding programme to 120 elderly in the Brixton area was disrupted during the months of lockdown. As soon as we were able to raise the needed money we continued. We managed to bring a wholesome warm meal three times in this year and delivered food parcels on two occasions. Whenever possible we passed out one or two pieces of fruit, tea and sugar, or other food items along with the meal. While we were conscious and careful to avoid close contact, we still handed out a printed leaflet along with a smile and encouraging words. This did a lot to alleviate some of the fears and worries many are dealing with during this pandemic.

We were able to step up our biweekly distribution of 300 loaves of bread to a weekly one of the same amount.  Milk and eggs were distributed on a biweekly or monthly basis. 40 households received regular food assistance in Orange Farm and Evaton West alone.

Family Care Ministries was able to help school children who needed stationary. Whenever available we handed out school or other shoes, clothing and any household items we were given.

Most of the weekly food donations we received from a supermarket were delivered to the Boys Brigade in Noordgesig, Soweto. The couple serving the children and families in this community continue to help children to the best of their ability. We feel honoured to work with people who look past their own needs to care for others.

Other Food Distribution

In addition to all the hundreds and hundreds of kilogrammes of maize, rice, potatoes, vegetables and protein that goes into preparing 65,399 meals, Family Care Ministries volunteers distributed this year:

  • 394 crates of assorted foods, and other canned and dry goods
  • 12,800 loaves of bread
  • 2.3 tonnes of  maize
  • 130 jars of peanut butter
  • 1,000 l of milk
  • 1,410 dozen eggs
  • 3,300 kg of liquid eggs (egg pulp)
  • 20 kg E-Pap
  • 40 jars of soup ingredients

Donations in Kind

  • 47 bags of clothes, 4 of which contained jerseys and lovingly knitted scarves and beanies
  • 26 bags of shoes
  • 20 large boxes of toys and children’s books
  • a bakkie load of adult books
  • cleaning supplies
  • a bakkie load of household items
  • a double and a single sink and tiles to upgrade our kitchen in Orange Farm
  • a small fridge, printer, bread maker, and irons
  • 150 New Testaments
  • 50 Gift bags
  • 1200 pencils
  • 8 boxes of colour pencil sets
  • rulers, erasers and sharpeners
  • 100 sets of crayons
  • 120 pens
  • 400 highlighters
  • 200 sets felt tip markers


The donations of 12 boxes of paper were used to print 46,000 gospel tracts, 1,810 Bible verse booklets, and over 13,000 pages of Bible study course material in three languages. Aside from what was printed in house, we also distributed other Christian magazines and devotional and motivational booklets.

While sharing the Gospel one-on-one is most effective, our volunteers also used social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp to reach others. Messages went out via SMS and by email to spread God’s Word and to counsel and encourage others to find or cling to their faith in Jesus. These avenues of spreading the Gospel had to be utilized in a greater way throughout this year marked by lockdowns and restrictions. Through these avenues the Lord has helped us to change the world one heart at a time. Here are some of the responses we received:

When I see what you and the Lord are doing for the hungry and needy, my heart is so full of joy. I get tears in my eyes. It’s so, so wonderful. Praise the Lord and God bless you. – Beverly

Thanks for all the messages, testimonies and your prayers for me. Pastor, I respect you. Sending somebody a verse or just saying “I am praying for you” or even just sharing a testimony about what God is doing, does a great deal in someone’s life. I’m being encouraged, motivated and influenced to serve the Lord with all my heart. – Pastor Gently

Today God has given me a dad who prays for me and cares for our community. Thank you. I grew up without parents so you are very special to me. I will forever respect you. May God bless you and your family. – Florence

I feel like jumping. Thank you God for connecting my life with Family Care Ministries! I glorify your name, Jesus. – Simphiwe

I enjoy your words of wisdom and file them and spread them where needed!! Many thanks!!! – Suenette

There are many more but we just wanted to put a few here to show that the Lord’s love is powerful. It lifts, it encourages, and it transforms and changes people.


Early Childhood Development Training and Workshops

As an affiliate of EDU-BUILD INSTITUTE, Family Care Ministries has become a training provider offering SETA-accredited training to caregivers at ECD centres in Orange Farm offering the Early Childhood Development NQF Level 4 Certificate and the Level 5 Diploma in ECD courses. By December 2020 we had helped 6 ladies get their qualifications starting out as ECD practitioners. Unfortunately more than half of our students were unable to continue with their studies due to the hardships and financial strains many faced due to the pandemic.

We discontinued all other ECD training workshops for the time being due to lockdown restrictions. We did distribute two bakkie loads of used toys, books, and office and stationary supplies to a number of preschools in Orange Farm though.

Prison Ministry

Our ministry to inmates at Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre in Makhado, Limpopo, was disrupted on several occasions due to Corona Virus outbreaks or restrictions at Kutama. Despite this we managed to facilitate our Bible study courses at half capacity. We had therefore only 80 graduates by December 2020. Two inmates graduated from our advanced course while 8 others carried on with their studies throughout this year.

We can clearly see that lives are changing through the lessons and teaching. Here are some responses that we got from inmates:

Sydney: Proverbs 3:5-6 has taught me that in everything I do I should consult with God before so that it may prosper. I must not rely on myself because I might fail. But God doesn’t fail. He also said blessed are those who put their trust in the Lord. They will never be ashamed. This course has changed my life completely because now I depend in the Lord. Every situation that I come across in my life I hand it over to God because He is the one who is able to solve every problems. It has also taught me that if I put the Word of God first place in my heart, then the very same Word of God will produce an abundant harvest in my life.

Maphoto: The studying of this course has helped me a lot, especially in challenging me to give all of me to the Lord our God and having faith in Him. I have learned that God is not the source of our problems. The things we read in the Word of God, the Lord expect us to change the way we think. And as our thinking changes, so does our life.

Mpogo: Studying this course has helped me make my life to change for real. I came to prison without education and knowing nothing about correctional programmes. Starting to attend and learn about them (programmes and schooling), my life today is not the same as at the first appearance in prison. Now I understand that the Lord expects us to change our life about the things we read in the Word of God and accept and follow Jesus Christ as our spiritual leader for our entire life.

Aubrey: This course is fruitful to me because it helped me to memorize and mediate on the Word of God whenever I face challenges in my life. It also helped me to depend on God and put Him first all the time so that the seed inside me would produce the good fruit.

Malawi Work

Family Care Ministries has assisted the outreach work in Malawi for the past 11 years. Our volunteer workers are presently actively involved in training 600 pastors and other individuals who have a desire to teach, train, counsel and encourage others in six different locations. As part of our efforts we sent gospel pamphlets, Bible Study Course Manuals and Bible verse booklets to spread God’s Word and message. Family Care Ministries continues to support farming projects and youth outreach in the area.

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