Activities Report for 2018

Help for the Needy

Family Care Ministries volunteers regularly assess the needs of the various community members we have been assisting throughout the year. Our aim is to make a difference and help those who are able to find ways to support themselves.

  • 100 households are receiving regular food assistance in Orange Farm and Evaton West alone.
  • Volunteers go to clean the houses of sick people, cook meals for them and collect medication at the clinic on their behalf.
  • 25 orphans have been provided with study materials and clothing items they needed for school. They also receive food parcels on a monthly basis.
  • A wheel chair and walking sticks were given to 7 disabled people. They also received a Bible and food parcels and clothes regularly.
  • Abused women and children received counselling and were helped to get to social workers for further assistance.
  • Youths taking drugs were referred to a rehabilitation centre for counselling and medical attention.
  • 18 children are helped with their homework and meet for afternoon studies twice a week.
  • Blankets were distributed to the elderly and disabled.

In addition to this, we continued to bring a wholesome hot meal to 120 elderly in Brixton at the end of every month of the past year. Along with the meal we give out fruit and home baked cupcakes. The encouraging words and time spent praying for the elderly make the visit the highlight of the month for many of them.

Because so many children come for food as well, some of our volunteers have prepared hot dogs, and bought snacks and juice for them and pass them out.

Most of the weekly food donations we receive from a supermarket are delivered to Ouma Helen, who is 87 years old now. She continues visiting and ministering to needy families in Industria and Fleurhof helping in whichever way she can. She has started visiting the homeless bringing once a week a warm meal to about 30 of them.

On Heritage Day, the 24th of September, 80 food parcels were distributed to the elderly in Orange Farm.  The local community gathered to sing and dance for them while they enjoyed a delicious meal.

The following is a list of food items distributed by Family Care Ministries volunteers in 2018:

  • 327 food parcels
  • 564 crates of fresh fruits, vegetables, other assorted foods, canned and other dry goods
  • 144 kg frozen vegetables
  • 112 kg of a rice
  • 775 kg of meat
  • 9620 loaves of bread
  • 125 kg maize
  • 17 kg of sugar
  • 284 l of milk
  • 15,300 eggs


The Band of Brothers, a group of Christian business friends who have joined Family Care Ministries to make a difference in the lives of families in Orange Farm, have continued to join our volunteers on a monthly basis in visiting and ministering to disadvantaged families & orphan households. The prayer and encouragement offered are as helpful as the food parcels. One single mother who was sleeping with her 5 teenage children on one double bed in a one room shack got a big surprise when an additional room was built for her family paid by one of the business men. It was furnished with a bed for each one them.

No Kids without School Shoes

In 2017 Family Care Ministries started the campaign “No kids without school shoes”. Our volunteers who visit families regularly had noted that some of the children didn’t have any school shoes while others had shoes that were too small or broken beyond repair. In 2018 we were able to provide 341 pairs of school schools to needy children in Orange Farm and Evaton West. We are grateful for the help we received from Sole to Sole and from a caring and concerned business man who provided 150 pairs and helped to distribute them among the children of the families we regularly assist.

Other Donations

Other donated goods included a gas heater and 157 blankets which were distributed during the cold winter months. In addition to the food, caring for the needs of families included the passing out a total of 111 bags of used and new clothes and more than 400 used and new adult and children’s shoes. Family Care Ministries volunteers also distributed 30 dozen sanitary napkins and 550 adult diapers to those who needed and could not afford to get them. A wheel chair and walking sticks were provided for 7 disabled persons.

A friend who was closing down her business gave us 3 bakkie loads of fabric and thread. The material was delivered in Orange Farm and Evaton West and promptly turned into bedspreads, pillow cases and clothes by the ladies who could sew. Nothing went to waste.

Family Care Ministries volunteers also distributed 850 stationary sets, toys and books to children in the area. Four fire extinguishers and four First Aid kits were given to preschools who lacked the finances to purchase this essential safety equipment.


Early Childhood Development Workshops

Our ministry to principals and caregivers who work in the ECD environment continued to grow.  The message to lay a better foundation for the future learning for South Africa’s children in township areas reverberated with many and the sense of personal responsibility in this task is growing. It is becoming better understood that the struggles children face in schools is due to the lack of foundation children received in their early years.

Family Care Ministries held workshops in Ennerdale, Vlakfontein, Eldorado Park, Naturena and Orange Farm. 165 principals and caregivers were able to get some important input and training on the developmental needs of babies, toddlers and young children and on various types of activities to use in the classroom. We received some sponsorship and were able to donate teacher guide books, picture cards and other educational toys to some of preschools but a lot more has to be done to meet the needs.

The caregivers didn’t realize how easy it can be to make a puppet until they tried it. Using a plastic bottle and some fabric they came up with these amazing creations.

Here are some responses from the workshops.

Thank you for the opportunity to come to the workshop. It was truly inspiring, motivating, joyful, exciting and loving. God bless you. Keep up with the good work. Don’t give up. Let’s change the world. – Lesedi E.C.D. & Preschool

Thank you very much. It is important, motivating, exiting and I learned many things. Please come again.- Mkanyezi Day Care

The workshop makes me feel better and teaches me how to take care of the children at the centre. The pictures that I have seen show me how to take care of and love the children and what I have to do or say in front of them. I’m teaching! I have enjoyed everything that I’ve seen and learned today. – Buhle Smart Beginnings

For me the workshop was good, for us and for the children of Orange Farm. You opened my eyes and let me see that I am very important and I play a big role. I have to keep it up and help the others and come back again. I love what you are doing and I wish you can come to our crèche and guide us. We are with you on your side. We will make it big. – Sedibeng Sa Thutu Day Care

The workshop has been a real eye opener for me because it made me see things that I did not know about. It helped me know how children are like. I am really grateful for it. Thank you for this.- Nkululeko Pre & Nursery School


Our volunteer heading Family Care Ministries’ ECD training project was able to meet with 90 principals from the Orange Farm area to discuss plans for 2019.

Thanks to the help of Calulo Foundation we were able to upgrade a preschool in Orange Farm. The roof at Isibuko Sezwe Preschool was leaking into the classrooms every time it rained and some of the support beams had rotted needed replacement. We fixed the problem so the 30 children could be in a safer environment. The drab looking paint was peeling off the walls in places. A young team of volunteers worked for a couple of days to brighten up the classrooms. With Calulo Foundation’s help we supplied the fabric to sow 30 mattress covers that were needed and curtains for the classrooms.

Family Care Ministries donated some used toys and bought some educational toys, teaching aids and books for the children as well. The teacher guide we gave each teacher lists scores of simple-to-do activities that help create a stimulating environment for children. In addition, Family Care Ministries offered 6 training workshops for caregivers from several of the preschools in the area.

Prison Ministry

When a fire was set at Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre, the classroom facilities used for Bible studies were damaged. The repairs on the rooms took longer than expected. There were therefore no classes in session during the first half of 2018. Because of this the total number of Bible study enrolments for the year was quite low compared to previous years.

In addition to this we experienced long delays in getting mail to inmates via the postal service which made it difficult to keep the course running. With the help of the residing Chaplain and his office staff though, we did manage to keep classes going for the second half of the year.

Family Care Ministries invested in Christian booklets on different themes to distribute to inmates. We were able to mail 95 to those participating in our advanced course.

Here are some responses that we got from inmates:

I enjoyed the course very much. Since I started this course, I pray and read my Bible daily. This course helped me to understand the Word of God better and now. I love the Word of God. More than anything else in the world, I’m willing to change my life for the better.- Lucky

I enjoyed this course because this course is teaching me about love. It teaches me that without love you’re nothing and other things I need when I go out. It encourages me to stay away from stealing. I thank God for that. Thank you.- Frans

I have enjoyed the course very much and I have also learnt the deep things of God which are hidden that most of the preachers of today don’t teach in the church. They teach so much about motivation and the pleasures of this world. I would like to receive more books of this teaching.- Sifiso

I don’t know how I can say thank you for this course. I thought I was alone. I thought there is no one who loves me. But now I know that there is Someone who loves and cares about me. His name is Jesus. The book of Luke 6:38 says, “Give to others and God will give to you.” There is so much that I learnt in this course.- Siyabonga

I enjoyed the course greatly. It helped me weigh my faith and works as a Christian and helped me see see that I am still lacking in many ways, i.e. helping those who are in need spiritually and material wise. The stories used as examples in your pamphlet taught and motivated me greatly.- Sipho

Christmas Programs and Events

Family Care Ministries did not manage to raise the funds needed to host the yearly large Christmas parties for children in township areas. It was decided that the funds that we were able to raise would be invested in ways that would benefit our dedicated volunteers more directly. They sacrifice their time and put a lot of effort into the work without receiving any remuneration. As most of them do not have jobs, we assisted them in ways that would help them be more effective in their work. Two volunteers received cell phones that would enable them to document their activities and communicate with our chairman and coordinate projects more effectively. A single mother was given a sewing machine that would enable her to make better use of donated fabrics, fix second hand clothing items, and raise some needed support for her family.

Although we cancelled the Christmas parties in Orange Farm, Evaton West and Soweto, Family Care Ministries did assist Ouma Helen who organized again a party for the children at one of the housing blocks she regularly visits. We had brought a jumping castle for the event but found on arrival that there was no electricity in the part of Fleurhof. We had to go in search of a generator and got a much later start than expected. Despite the delays though the children had great fun and spent the time waiting by playing games and showing off their dance skills.


Boxes and boxes of paper were used to print 20,200 gospel tracts, 2,440 Bible Verse booklets, over 6,000 pages of Bible study course class sheets, 64 Bible Study Course Teacher Manuals, and other pamphlets in three languages. Aside from what we printed, we also distributed 500 Christian magazines, 47 Bibles and 307 devotional booklets. A member of the Gideons International joined with their daughter to hand out over 100 New Testaments to the elderly and others of the Brixton community.

While sharing the Gospel one-on-one is most effective, volunteers also used social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp, SMSs and email messages to spread God’s Word and to counsel and encourage others to find faith in Jesus.

Malawi Work

Family Care Ministries has had a work in Malawi for the past 9 years now training disciples and leaders who have a desire to teach others to teach others. As part of our outreach we sent gospel pamphlets, Bible Study Course Manuals and Bible verse booklets to assist trainers and trainees to spread God’s Word and message. Family Care Ministries has supported a farming project and youth outreach by supplying 5 soccer and 5 netball balls.

2018 in Pictures

Just a few of the 9,620 loaves of bread Family Care Ministries distributed in 2018.

Talitha hands out sponsored sets of teacher guides. Each contains simple-to-do activities that help create a stimulating environment for young children.

Josef and Eunice visit an orphan household to deliver a food parcel.

The children are excited to try out the playground equipment we put up on a plot in Orange Farm.

Josef delivers crates of meat to the Boys Brigade, a charity who ministers to the youth and serves meals to the needy and struggling families.

Ouma Helen and Josef are bringing two of the 157 blankets we distributed in 2018 to these elderly gentlemen.

Josef and Talitha are having fun along with everyone else on Heritage Day. Eighty food parcels were distributed to the elderly.

After years of translation work on the 12 Foundation Stones Bible Study Course. the discipleship course manuals are finally completed and printed.

The teachers at Isibuko Seswe Preschool are happy to receive a literacy skills development set that was donated to Family Care Ministries.

Changing a small part of the world

With the help of support we received from Calulo Foundation, Family Care Ministries was able to make a difference for children and teachers of Isibuko Seswe Preschool in Orange Farm. We found the preschool looking like this.

The carpet in two of the classrooms would get wet every time it rained as the roof was leaking. Some of the support beams had rotted and needed replacing. Calulo Foundation’s support helped us to get it fix so that the 30 children could be in a safer environment. The drab looking paint was peeling off the walls in places.

The three classrooms, kitchen and hallway got a fresh coat of paint. A team of young volunteers used their artistic talent to brighten up the classrooms.

Look at the change!!!






We purchased the fabric to sew 30 new mattress covers and curtains for all of the classrooms. educational toys, teaching aids and books for the children.

Every teacher received a teacher guide for their group. The simple-to- do ideas, activities and games with easily available materials listed in the books help teachers put lesson plans together and create a stimulating environment for the children. We were able to donate some used toys as well.

Along with the upgrade work, Family Care Ministries held 6 training workshops for caregivers from Isibuko Seswe and other preschools in the  area.

2017 in Pictures

Activities Report for 2017

Help for the Needy

The trend of growth has continued throughout 2017. Our focus was not on starting new ventures this year but on increasing the impact in the communities Family Care Ministries volunteers have been working in. Our goal is to make projects as sustainable as possible.

Our food distribution has seen the most increase this last year. Family Care Ministries volunteers worked at making sure the 507 food parcels went to the most needy families and child-headed households. Elijah in Evaton West, Iris in Diepkloof, Soweto, and Mandla, Zanele, Eunice and Manja in Orange Farm spend time with families and in the households to see in which other ways they could better their personal situations. Some were helped with legal work, others were helped to get the medical attention they needed while others received assistance towards educational needs.

We continued to bring a wholesome hot meal to the 120 elderly in Brixton throughout the past year. The team of volunteers has grown and the new team members have added hot dogs, snacks and juice for the children to the meals distributed. The fruit and home baked cupcakes are an all-time favourite now. The encouraging words and time spent praying for needs make the visit a highlight of the month for many of the elderly. We are grateful for the many helping hands that join us in this effort.

Ouma Helen, now 86, amazes everyone by still venturing out to Industria every week. Despite her age, she tirelessly does all she can to assist the needy in this community. Despite existing on a small pension, struggling to move around and still looking after her great grandson, she keeps going and going. What an example!

Sister Glover, who we supported for many years with food donations for families in Noorgesig in Soweto, went to her heavenly reward at the age of 89. Family Care Ministries‘s help to the families still continues though as we now deliver the food items to a NPO that used to closely work with her.

On Heritage Day, the 24th of September, South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions. A nation belongs to all its people.  Family Care Ministries volunteers used this opportunity to celebrate with the elderly in Orange Farm. Donations of meat, rice & vegetables where used by some of the women to cook a delicious local meal to share with a group of pensionists. No such event is complete without lots of speeches, dancing and some encouraging words from the word of God. The elderly were given over 50 food parcels to take home so their families can benefit as well. It was a joy-filled day spent in the local community together. A similar event was held a week later in Evaton West.

The following is a list of food items distributed by Family Care Ministries volunteers in 2017:

  • 507 food parcels
  • 892 crates of fresh fruits, vegetables, other assorted foods, canned or dry goods
  • 620 kg frozen potato chips
  • 300 kg frozen vegetables
  • 25 kg of a rice
  • 350 kg of meat
  • 8000 loaves of bread
  • 100 kg dried beans
  • 462 kg maize
  • 15 kg Maltabella
  • 20 kg of sugar
  • 750 Vienna sausages
  • 360 l of milk
  • 16,000 eggs

No Kids without School Shoes

Family Care Ministries started a campaign “No kids without school shoes”. Our volunteers who visit families regularly noted how some of the children were in great need of school shoes. Some didn’t have any, others had shoes that were too small or broken beyond repair. We identified over 100 children in Orange Farm & over 50 children in Evaton West that are in desperate need of school shoes and have managed to provide 21 pairs to some of the neediest in Orange Farm and Evaton West so far.

Family Care Ministries projects serve as a rallying point for like-minded people who would like to be a part of charitable endeavours.  A group of Christian business men, who call themselves a Band of Brothers, joined our volunteers in Orange Farm in visiting and ministering to people in the community. They sponsor 15 food parcels for disadvantaged families and orphan households in Orange Farm each month and then help in distributing them praying and encouraging people as they do. They do their best to help out in other ways.

A Mrs South Africa contender purchased 25 blankets and distributed them with us to families in Orange Farm and Evaton while a Christian school added another 50 helping with ministering to people as they did.

Other Donations

Other donated goods included items such as a guitar, a casestte player, a colour copier with 5 extra toner cartridges, briefcases, a bed, desk, chairs and office chairs. Kitchen equipment such as 2 stoves, 5 kettles, 5 irons, a blender, 2 toasters, pots, salad bowls, and a grill and braii set were distributed to those who needed or could use these items. Household goods consisted of 10 cushions, 20 pillows, a laundry basket, a large tub, an ironing board, 6 large bags of curtains, 4 boxes of household ware, 2 boxes with plates, cleaning supplies such as dish soap, Handy Andy, bleach, and toiletries such as shampoo, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes and more. And let’s not forget the boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations Family Care Ministries was able to give away.

The children were thrilled to receive a total of 4 bags of toys, balls and a box with games. They were a little less excited about the 100 Ring binders, files and 4 boxes of stationary supplies we gave out but were grateful nonetheless as they needed them for school work. We received the floor paint, paint brushes and roller we needed to complete work at our centre in Evaton West. The 4 wheelchairs and adult diapers went to the handicapped in Orange Farm.

To top it off we distributed a total of 4 bakkie loads of clothes and shoes.

Early Childhood Development Workshops

Many of the problems experienced by educators teaching in South Africa’s primary and secondary schools can be traced back to the lack of input children receive in their early years when the foundation for future learning is laid.

It is often overlooked that the foundation for literacy is built long before a child begins Grade 1. It starts while children are still in nappies. Learning to talk, listen and understand are precursors to identifying letters and sounds, and later words and whole sentences. Playing with number toys, building blocks and shapes allows children to get an understanding of mathematical concepts while they play. Experiences of this nature at an early age are essential to future academic success.

Though more emphasis has been placed on ECD by government, we find that little direction or support filters down to caregivers at day care centres and preschools in township areas such as Orange Farm and others. Most of the resources developed by the department, don’t reach the areas where these materials are most desperately needed. Lack of access to the internet, training, and money make most of these resources inaccessible to the many caregivers in small preschools. This leaves centres in township areas under-resourced and staff untrained.

In 2017 Family Care Ministries’ focus shifted from offering training in Orange Farm alone to include other surrounding townships. We held workshops in Ennerdale, Eldorado Park, and Boksburg. 109 principals and caregivers were able to get some important input and training on the developmental needs of babies, toddlers and young children. The resources that have been created to go along with the programme are in big demand and we are looking for ways of raising sponsorship to donate sets of these teaching resources to the most needy preschools.

Here are some responses from the workshops.

  • For me this workshop has really taught me a lot. There’s some things I never really understood. – Alicia
  • I really enjoyed the workshop and I’ve learned more about children’s development. I’ve learned more about things I didn’t know about and I am going to implement what I’ve learned with my children/learners. – Sibongile
  • The facilitator was well prepared, the information valid and relevant. She didn’t try to be fancy or unfair. I enjoyed the level of respect and that she was on the same page as the rest of the teachers. She understood that all centres are different and was able to relate topics to everyday usage. – Vanessa
  • I enjoyed the course a lot. The facilitator did well so that I understood everything she shared with us. I was amazed to see the amount of learning materials we can make out of waste materials. I am truly impressed. Thank you. It is much appreciated. – Shireen

Prison Ministry

Family Care Ministries’ rehabilitation work at Kutama Correctional Center in Makhado continued throughout the year 2017. Bible Study classes were again held in each of the three prison sections. The facilitators who are inmates are overseen by the residing Chaplain. We offered three course which 237 inmates signed up to. 208 offenders graduated successfully by the end of the year. Though we are unable to visit very often due to the distance and security restrictions at the facility, we correspond regularly with inmates. We do our best to answer mail with requests and questions promptly.

We again received sponsorship in the form of Christian booklets on different themes. We were able to mail 136 of them to those participating in our advanced course. The course materials and booklets resonate with many inmates.  Here are some responses that we got:

  • The Word of God changed my life completely. Now I understand why a human being must suffer. I know the illustrations and parables of the word in the Bible will help me a lot. May the Lord God extend your life like the way you change my life. I love the word of God more than anything. – Solomon
  • I would like to thank you for showing me the importance of the word of God. May God richly bless you for the good work that you are doing for us while we are here in prison. God bless you. What I can say today to you is that I started to teach the words of God and minister them to others to help them understand how much God loves them. We are blessed by God now and happy to love God and to forgive other people who wronged us as the same we request the people we have wronged to forgive us. So thank you so much. Thanks to your hard work you are doing for Christ to us who are spiritually young. Thank you for taking such a good care for us. Why I say all this is because I can ask as many questions as I like but you keep on answering me and you make me to love God every day. – Siphiwe
  • Thank you so much for this lesson. I am so highly blessed by this teaching. Thank you so very much and may the Lord God and our Saviour Jesus Christ richly bless you. I am very grateful that I have known you, Josef and Talitha, and also Family Care Ministries. I pray for your strength and growth in this work of Christ. May you continue to bless many more other believers and those who do not have the knowledge of Christ. – David
  • This course taught me about all the possible things God can do in my life if only I believe in Him. It also taught me about personal responsibility and to respect the values and beliefs of others. – Charles

 Christmas Programmes and Events

Christmas is a time of giving. It is a special time to help the disadvantaged so that they, with the help of a food parcel, can also celebrate this holiday season to fill their hearts with hope and courage.

Family Care Ministries uses Christmas as an opportunity to bless the less fortunate in Evaton West and Orange Farm. It is always a joyful event to celebrate with the elderly and children by hosting Christmas parties for them.

In Evaton the party is held at the local community hall and is attend by over 200 children. We provided the jumping castle, organised games, and served snacks and a hot dog lunch. Before children return home they receive a stationary gift pack with a colouring and story book and some snacks. This provides them with some fun activities to do over the Christmas holidays. The basic stationary set offers something to start school with when it opens again.

The local councillor is thrilled that we have chosen her community to work with the youth and elderly and needy families. Being aware of the desperate needs in some of the households, she is grateful for the regular food items and food parcels we distribute and other activities for the youth Family Care Ministries offers.

In Orange Farm the party is held at the local Itemoheng Primary school and is attended by over 400 children. It is more challenging to keep them all entertained but seeing children’s big smiles always makes it worth the effort.

Family Care Ministries assisted Ouma Helen who organised a party for the children at one of the housing complexes in Fleurhof she regularly visits. Many hands made the work feel light and the children enjoyed themselves and the jumping castle to the max.

 The elderly in Orange Farm and Evaton West were treated by Family Care Ministries with a get together, a meal and a food parcel to take home as well.


We used up 31 boxes of paper in the time period this report covers to print numerous gospel tracts, Bible Verse booklets, Bible study course materials and other pamphlets in three languages. It is Family Care Ministries’ members passion to spread hope, cheer and comfort to all they meet. Aside from what we print, we also distributed 500 Christian magazines, 12 Bibles, 20 New Testaments, 177 other booklets and more. One-on-one conversations are best but volunteers also use social media such as email, Facebook, SMS or Whatsapp to spread the message and to counsel and encourage others to find faith in Jesus.

Malawi Work

Family Care Ministries has had a presence in Malawi for the past 7 years now. The focus of our work is on training laymen, students and pastors from different churches. The work has been supported financially and by way of gospel pamphlets, Bibles, New Testaments, and Bible verse booklets. All our members are volunteers dedicated to serving God as the love of Jesus compels them to share the Good News with their people.  To help the work to become sustainable and help members generate income for their families and cover travel expenses, Family Care Ministries has helped them start a farming project and trading post.

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