What is loving kindness?

A class of eight-year-old boys was asked to explain the meaning of loving-kindness; one youngster replied, “If I was hungry and someone gave me a piece of bread and butter … that would be kindness, but if they put lots of jam on it … that would be loving-kindness.”

Friendliness, helpfulness, kindness, generosity, and unselfishness are all part of love.
“Little deeds of kindness, little words of love, help to make Earth happy, like the Heaven above.”

Unselfishness—the J-O-Y formula—Jesus, Others, You

Seeking the happiness of others as God has ordered us to do, is the only way to have true happiness! If you’ll try to make others happy, it’ll make you happy, and you’ll have a little Heaven right here on Earth! You don’t find happiness by chasing it. Happiness finds you by your bringing happiness to others. That’s God’s system; that’s God’s rule; that’s God’s way; that’s God’s Law of Love. God will make you happy if you make others happy. It’s that simple!

Love prefers the happiness of others to your own. True happiness comes not in your personal pursuit of selfish pleasure and satisfaction, but in finding God and giving His life to others and bringing them happiness!

If you’ll just forget yourself and think more about others, and really try to help and pray for and love them, you’ll find that will solve almost all of your problems! If you get your mind off of yourself and joy.

First of all, get your mind on Jesus, and then He’ll help you get it on to your neighbor, and help you love him as yourself.

The sort of impression that kindness makes…

In the city of Philadelphia there was a little third-class hotel. Into it one night there came two tired elderly people. They went up to the night clerk and the husband pleadingly said, “Mister, please don’t tell us you don’t have a room. My wife and I have been all over the city looking for a place to stay. We did not know about the big conventions that are here. The hotels at which we usually stay are all full. We’re dead tired and it’s after midnight. Please don’t tell us you don’t have a place where we can sleep.”

The clerk looked at them a long moment and then answered, “Well, I don’t have a single room except my own. I work at night and sleep in the daytime. It’s not as nice as the other rooms, but it’s clean, and I’ll be happy for you to be my guests for tonight.”

The wife said, “God bless you, young man.”

The next morning at the breakfast table, the couple sent the waiter to tell the night clerk they wanted to see him on very important business. The night clerk went in, recognized the two people, sat down at the table and said he hoped they had had a good night’s sleep. They thanked him most sincerely. Then the husband astounded the clerk with this statement, “You are too fine a hotel man to stay in a hotel like this. How would you like for me to build a big, beautiful, luxurious hotel in the city of New York and make you general manager?”

The clerk didn’t know what to say. He thought there might be something wrong with their minds. He finally stammered, “It sounds wonderful.”

His guest then introduced himself. “I’m John Jacob Astor.” So, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel was built, and the night clerk became, in the years to follow, the best-known hotel man in the world.

In 1976, the 47-story Waldorf-Astoria in New York City served three-quarters of a million guests in its 1,900 rooms.

 The lost shoe

This story is told of Mahatma Gandhi. He was standing in the doorway of an open railway carriage as it moved slowly out of an Indian station, when one of his shoes slipped off and fell on to the track. Quickly he took off his other shoe and dropped that on to the track, too.

Seeing the puzzled look of a fellow passenger, Gandhi said, “A poor man may find a pair of shoes now. One wouldn’t be much good to him.”

It’s wonderful to think not only in terms of how things affect ourselves, but also in terms of how they affect others.

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