How gratefulness destroys negativity

By Jeremie Kubicek

Gratefulness is the boundary that keeps negativity at bay.

For example…

  • Being grateful for the freedoms we have gives us perspective to handle frustrations we have with administrations or bureaucracy.
  • Gratefulness toward having a job or career we love gives us patience to handle short term seasons of animosity or worry.
  • Being thankful for our families allows us to put up with any pettiness that naturally exists in day to day living.

In my experience, when gratefulness is turned up to its highest level in a person’s life, then areas of selfishness, greed, and unnecessary worry and frustration get pushed out of that life.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? When a person spends more time being grateful to our Maker, thankful for the people in their life, or appreciative for their job, then their perspective will produce a different spirit that is attractive and helpful. This cumulative thankfulness spreads like wildfire in a person’s mind and heart and inevitably spills over onto other people around them.

Being grateful is a great way to live.

Where do you start?

Well, for me, I start with my journal and begin making lists. Try it. What are you grateful for? Really. Don’t just list the obvious, but give detail like…

  • “I am grateful that I have a job in this period of time that is life-giving.”
  • “I am grateful for a wife that not only loves me, but supports me in who I am.”
  • “I am grateful for kids that are healthy and fun and who respect us the way they do.”
  • “I am grateful for…”

You get the picture. Now start painting your new perspective.

A second list is required to go along with the first. Make a list of the things you are ungrateful for and watch your perspective change after you have made the first. Once you realize the number of things you are grateful for I suspect that your levels of frustration will diminish before your eyes.

Here is why… Most of the things that we are grateful for have longevity. Most of our frustrations are short term, and are usually caused by ourselves.

Once you have finished your grateful list, share your thankfulness with those on the list. Live a life of gratefulness and watch your negativity begin to wash away in the flood of new perspective.

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