Greeting the new year with joy

A Prayer for the New Year

Thank You, dearest Love, for Your wonderful promises. I feel awed and inspired about all that is ahead of me—but I know that it’s possible, because You’re in me and with me. I love You and need You! I never get tired of telling You how much I love You, just as I never tire of hearing Your personal words of love to me. They’re my survival, just as You are my survival.

I praise You and thank You for the year that’s come to an end. You are the reason I made it through another year. You are the reason I was able to hold on through all that the last year brought my way—the struggles, the twistings, the stretchings, the forsakings, the breakings, the lows. And as a result, I was able to enjoy the renewings, the overcoming, the rising above, the progress, the victories, the new ground broken, the highs. They are all because of You.

I praise You, dearest Jesus, for it all! Thank You for helping me to hold on through the tough times, and at the same time helping me to keep depending on You and looking to You through the happier times. You are the reason I’m standing here today. Now the new year lies before me like a wide-open space. I invite You to fill that space with whatever You have for me, dear Jesus. I trust You, and I open my heart, my spirit, and my arms to You wholeheartedly! I embrace this new year before me, because it represents You. I embrace it as a chance to love You even more, to get to know You in a deeper way, and to let more of You shine through me.

Having more of You in my life is my deepest desire, Jesus. That’s at my heart of hearts. But even this I can’t do without You doing it through me. I can’t even love You as much as I’d like to without You stirring up that love within me. I can’t get to know You in a deeper way without You walking those paths with me and teaching and instructing me. I can’t have more of You shining through me without You molding and remaking me.

Thank You for taking me just as I am. Thank You for Your unfailing love and faith in me. Thank You for using me, as imperfect as I am. Thank You for equipping me with Your spiritual weapons, Your power, Your truth, Your light and Your Spirit! As weak as I am, I take Your hand with joy as we step into this new year. I know it will be all that my heart and spirit desires and needs, because You know me better than I know myself, and You do all things well concerning me.

I give myself to You all over again. I lay everything at Your feet and to You only do I cling. I don’t bring anything from yesterday with me. All I want is You, and a future at Your side. I commit my heart, my life, and my everything to You. Do with me as You will, Jesus. Continue the wonderful work You’ve begun in my life, and help me to use this new year to praise and glorify You even more!

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