Got potential?

“We want to go by God’s definition of ‘realistic,’ and often His definition of ‘realistic’ is ‘potential.’ With God anything is possible, and He knows that no matter what has happened in the past, or what our current weaknesses or lacks, we can change and He can use us. We must learn to see ourselves and others through the eyes of faith, through the perspective of what we and they can become, what Jesus’ power can transform us into, what God can be in us.”
This quote reminded me of some quotes from John L. Brandt, on the theme of “potential,” Here’s his encouragement that you can be whatever the Lord needs and wants you to be in any area of your life!

  • Cup your hands. What do you hold? Nothing? No! You hold the potential to be anything, do anything, go anywhere. You have the  potential to meet the need!
  • Potential is a raw ingredient; it’s what you do with it that matters.
  • The zest and fire of God can ignite potential in any person and every situation.
  • One’s potential depends on the amount of energy and dedication one is willing to invest.
  • When I look at a person, I see not an unknown individual, nor a person who is locked into the confines of their upbringing or station in life. I see the breath of God, the work of His hands,and the potential of a vessel fit for His use.
  • It is in realizing the potential that lies within ourselves that we are able to unlock the confines of human nature and allow the richness of the Spirit of God to rush freely through us.

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