Through the storm

Our heart is heavy when we see people’s suffering and hear about their heartbreaks. The other day we received the following email. We pray that God will answer speedily. May He give strength and courage to those in similar situations and open doors for those who need jobs. 

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Let’s show them a little more Heaven

The World knows enough Hell! Let’s show them a little more Heaven.  Last Saturday we did just that when we went out with a team of 6 to share the gospel at a Mall in Orange Farm.

There were lots of shoppers around and many of them young people shopping for the liquid spirit (alcohol) but we were there to bring them the Holy Spirit, which they could get for free and that would free them from the bondage to the liquid spirit.

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A Family in need


Hi! My name is Esther and I have 4 children. I thank the Lord for Family Care Ministries. I am blessed because of them. I left Soweto to Orange Farm due to the challenges I had with the father of my children especially when he was drunk.

Here in Orange Farm I had no friends at first, but I was not lonely since I had the Lord to spend time with. When I go to pass out Christian pamphlets I have a team Kgaugelo(7), Peballo(5) and Turristio(3) who help me tell the people that someone loves them.

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Celebrating Mandela’s birthday with handicapped children – July 18, 2011

Photos of trip to Malawi – April 2011

MOVE Seminar – March 2011

Activities Report for 2010


During the World Cup we used opportunities to share the Gospel and offer prayer and counsel to reach visitors and locals who would come to the fan parks and stadiums.  Our tract distribution for the year rose to a record 31,000, each pamphlet reaching, encouraging, empowering or uplifting someone.

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2010 in Pictures

Activities Report for 2009

Prison Ministry:

We have been running our Bible Study Course for the past 4 years now at Kutama Sinthumule Correctional Centre in Louis Trichardt in Limpopo. For 2009 participation in the course has risen to 117. Each of the students received monthly class sheets free of charge. A total of 980 classes as well as 76 booklets were mailed to the students throughout 2009. Course participants are required to attend classes that are conducted by facilitators – inmates that are appointed by the Chaplain’s office. The courses include a test after each module which is then mailed to us for assessment. This enables us to monitor progress and offer counsel or assistance when needed. We started keeping records on our end to monitor attendance of classes. 73 students graduated at the end of the year each receiving a small gift. A number more participated throughout the year but were unable to complete the course due to being transferred or not meeting course requirements.

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2009 in Pictures

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