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From Lawrence – April 2012

The Activated Youth Club started as a very small group as part of Global Gospel Church after I had learned about it from Family Care Ministries while in South Africa. God is using us and I am very happy to let you know that youth clubs are now springing up and spreading the Word of God in other parts of Malawi. We started with 1 club then 2 clubs but number now 14 clubs in three different towns. I would like to report on what God is doing through us.

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Forgive your way to better health

By Fred Luskin, PhD

Stanford University Forgiveness Project

We all know that hostility increases risk for heart disease. But new research shows that forgiveness can moderate these dangerous effects on the heart. People who blame others for their problems have a higher incidence of chronic pain, cardiovascular disease and other ailments.

Why is forgiveness good for you? There are two primary reasons… Forgiveness reduces chronic stress. Self-generated, chronic stress triggers negative physical changes, including increased blood pressure and heart rate and decreased immune function, all of which eventually lead to disease.

Forgiveness increases one’s sense of control. Feeling in control is crucial to health. It moderates the stress response because one is less likely to panic and overreact to situations. Feeling helpless can make you ill. When you learn how to forgive, you develop the emotional confidence to “get over” any difficulty.

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Give up the blame game

By Renata Waldrop

One thing that is very damaging to a marriage is blame placing. When you place the blame on your mate, in a way you excuse yourself from being a part of the solution, and you put the onus on your mate to do all the work of changing whatever you’re unhappy with.

“Honey, where are my navy pants? Didn’t you wash them?”
“I can’t worry about your clothes because I’ve got to get your son ready! Who else is going to do that?”
“Well, I worked overtime last night! I didn’t have time to wash and press a pair of pants.”

This was normal conversation in our house – one spouse offering up a sacrificial responsibility, the other countering with greater sacrifice. I even recall one or two arguments over the fact that he keeps more pillows on the bed than I do. (It seemed important at the time.)

Our marriage had become little more than dueling to-do lists – a competition to establish who had the most hectic schedule, as if that were the secret of marital superiority: “She who works hardest wins.” But what did I expect to win?

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Eight lessons of love

By Mike and Debbie Breaux

Growing up, I (Mike) had all kinds of confusion about the crazy little thing called love. In the fifth grade, I got my first crush on Kathy. She had that Laura Ingles Wilder thing going, with the braided pigtails. So cute! I chased her at recess. I threw rocks at her. All the ways you show affection in the fifth grade.

By high school my dating techniques changed – thankfully! I started to date Debbie. I remember sitting with her in a movie theater. My heart would pound because I wanted to hold her hand so badly! But I was shy. I’d go into this countdown mode. Ten, nine, eight … ten, nine …

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Establishing Mission Posts in Malawi – April 2011

By Angela Mischke, Project Cartwheel, South Africa

“Would you be interested to go on a mission trip to Malawi?” This call from Josef Bitschnau, chairman and regional project manager of Family Care Ministries, made my missionary heart skip a beat! My passion is to share God’s Word with the people of Southern Africa. I had never been to Malawi, nor the countries we would travel through – Zimbabwe and Mozambique. After checking with the Lord if this was indeed His will and re-arranging some of my obligations, I excitedly started with the preparations.

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“Your words take me back to God…”

Mr.Rogers Ntumba writes:

Dear Josef and Talitha,

Thank you for the proof of love I find in you – the love which does not care about race nor background – the true and pure love. Thank you for being there for me and encouraging me always. You know, your words take me back to God. They are like a mirror to me when I’m struggling and when I’m rejoicing. And not only that, they have been inspiring me to always buy airtime just to send SMSs to people with some Biblical verses. I just compose a number without knowing the person. And today I have many friends. Some of them I have never met. A government minister asked me “who gave you my number?” and became a friend. He said he needs more such SMSs. But do you know the source? It’s you, wow? Another SMS reached the prosecutor woman’s phone. She now gave me her email address and I’ve been sending her the 12 Foundation’s Stones Bible Study Course, can you imagine this?

All this to say that what you are doing is big in God’s eyes. It has been changing hearts and brought souls to Jesus Christ. That is why I told you, “DO MORE! FORGET ALL YOUR LAST VICTORIES BECAUSE EVERY DAY IS A NEW DEPARTURE.” Only God will be able to add up what we do and give us the total at the end. It is for us just to do more.

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“I’m blessed to have you…”

Here are a couple letters some of you have recently wrote us:

I’m blessed to have you guys. Your spiritually uplifting messages come always at the right time. You are a real Godsend in my life and I always regain courage and strength when I get your messages. Unfortunately I’m no longer responding as usual to your messages because we’ve moved offices at work and Telkom hasn’t installed the lines yet. I have to use someone else’s laptop to check my emails and with the phone, well, you know the airtime problem. But I really appreciate your messages so please do not stop. If it was not for your support, I don’t think I would be able to face this world. I’m really blessed to have you guys. Keep well.

God bless you and your family,


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“I slip in and out of depression…”

Here are a couple letters some of you have recently wrote us:

I cannot wait till Monday to read your awesome messages. They are truly so uplifting and inspiring. Today you asked if there was anything you could pray for me. What a blessing to hear that. You must be my guardian angel. I am currently going through such a bad patch in my life, I am a single mother with two wonderful girls, Tazmin age 16 years old and Taneal age 7 years old. Without them I am not sure where I would be. The love of God keeps me going but sometimes I slip in and out of depression which takes me to a horrible place.


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“I was obedient to God”

Lungile writes:

Praise the Lord! Thank you, Father God, You are so wonderful.

I’m so thrilled to see what the Lord is doing. You are a blessing to my family. I thank God for connecting me with you. Can I briefly share with you  what happened after I was obedient to God by sowing R500.00 towards a bakkie for your work. Our old Opel Astra was sold immediately to the garage we took it to and we got the R30 000.00 which we needed as a deposit for our new car.

God is Faithful; He takes care of his children.

God bless

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