Why worry

Wouldn’t it be nice if WORRY would pay our bills and make our problems go away and bring us happiness? If worry would pay I wouldn’t have any unpaid bills and maybe I would be rich as well but I haven’t experienced that yet. Have you?  So then, why do we still worry? If it doesn’t pay our bills, if it doesn’t make our problems go away, if it doesn’t make us happy, why are will still worrying?

Maybe your one of the people that thinks that if you don’t worry your irresponsible, as if worrying will make you more responsible.

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Prayer is so simple


If we had more prayers we would have fewer cares.

* * *

Prayer digs the channel from the reservoir of God’s boundless resources to the tiny pools of our lives.

* * *

The one concern of the Devil is to keep the saints from prayer. He fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work, prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom, but trembles when we pray.

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More happiness is coming your way

By Sarah Treleaven, Chatelaine
You might think that you’re pretty content now, but just wait until you hit late middle age. A recent story by Libby Copeland over at Slate—“Obama at 50: Older, Wiser…Happier?”—explores how studies of happiness are finding that once we get past middle age, the rest feels like relatively smooth sailing. In other words, we get happier as we get older. For example, a 2010 study of over 300,000 Americans found that levels of anger, stress and worry all plummet at 50 and within a few years happiness rises—for men and women, the married and unmarried, and the working and unemployed.

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Arguments in marriage

Sadly, it’s human nature that we often hurt most the ones we love the most and are the closest to. People who are married often argue with their partner more than with anyone else! If you’re having problems with arguing in your marriage, then of course all the above pointers will apply. But here are some extra tips:

Opera tenor Jan Pierce, after being married nearly 50 years, said: “My wife and I made an agreement long ago, and we’ve kept it no matter how angry we’ve grown with each other! When one is letting off steam, the other should listen–because when two people are peeved and trying to get their point across at the same time, there is no communication, just noise and bad vibrations!”

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How to win people to your way of thinking without having an argument

In Aesop’s fables there’s a story about the sun and the wind. In the story the argumentative wind boasted to the sun that he was the stronger. The sun maintained that he was. So the wind said, “I’ll prove I am! See the old man down there with the coat? I’ll bet I can get his coat off of him quicker than you can!”

So the sun went behind a cloud, and the wind blew and blew until it was almost a tornado! But the HARDER it blew, the TIGHTER the old man clutched his coat to him! Finally the wind calmed down and gave up!

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What is happening in Brixton?

Medical Assistance

by Patricia and Alain

On our weekly visits to the elderly in Brixton we saw that medical care is one of the important needs for the elderly. We focused on the most urgent cases and on assisting those that have no immediate family to help with needs that arise.

Hennie is a 68 year old pensioner who couldn’t afford a new pair of glasses. He tried to fixwith glue his old frame which was falling apart. We approached the management of one optometrist shop on his behalf who agreed to donate a new frame and lenses and included a free eye examination for Hennie. He had complained of frequent headaches and the eye check up revealed that some blood vessels had erupted in his left eye causing some swollenness. With the help of this optometrist specialist we approached an eye doctor who gave his services free of charge to examine Hennie. He prescribed a series of eye injections and referred him to the General Hospital. Today Hennie is wearing his new glasses and will go soon for his first eye treatment to the hospital. He is very thankful for the care and excellent professional medical help we arranged for him.

Corrie is the eldest pensioner at this complex for the elderly – well into her nineties. She complained of having difficulty walking because of painful ingrown toe nails. She needed to see a specialist right away. Her family lives far away and couldn’t bring her to a clinic. We drove her to the paedology centre at Wits University. Corrie couln’t remember when it was the last time that she had been there for treatment. When her file was found, it turned out that it had been 10 years since she had last visited. Her feet and toes were in very bad condition. The medical student on attendance worked on cutting nails, filing and cleaning for 2 hours. She was so relieved and happy after the treatment was finished. She will continue to go for check ups every six weeks.

We continue to visit the elderly at this and another complex in Brixton on a weekly basis to bring them donations of bread. In addition to this weekly delivery, we are also bringing cakes and pastries which the elderly really enjoy with a nice cup of tea or coffee.


How gratefulness destroys negativity

By Jeremie Kubicek

Gratefulness is the boundary that keeps negativity at bay.

For example…

  • Being grateful for the freedoms we have gives us perspective to handle frustrations we have with administrations or bureaucracy.
  • Gratefulness toward having a job or career we love gives us patience to handle short term seasons of animosity or worry.
  • Being thankful for our families allows us to put up with any pettiness that naturally exists in day to day living.

In my experience, when gratefulness is turned up to its highest level in a person’s life, then areas of selfishness, greed, and unnecessary worry and frustration get pushed out of that life.

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Getting a grip on your finances

Three principles for achieving true financial success
by Bruce Howard, Christianity Today

Some people point to credit cards as the principle villain behind financial crises. Companies, they note, encourage us to use credit to increase our present consumption. Want it? Charge it! Dispel your boredom and master the possibilities with MasterCard. Enter a new world of discovery with Discover Card. So we organize our patterns of spending around the one “low” easy monthly payment. But payments add up; and to meet them, people start working two jobs, lead hectic schedules, and they end up being unable to meet true financial needs.

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What are the blessings of giving?

“Whatever you spend,” the Lord says, “I will repay!”

Do you remember who else said that? – The Good Samaritan! It’s from the parable that the Lord told about the poor man that was beaten and robbed along the road by thieves, and the Good Samaritan picked him up and took him to the inn and told the innkeeper, “Whatever you spend, I will repay.” (Luke 10:30‑37)

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News from Blantyre

From Frank
April 2012

Mark 16 verse 15: And He said unto them , “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Matthew 9 verses 37 & 38:  Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”

  • I visited  Chikwawa  district for the first time where I met Pastor Jipson. We had a Bible study together. I am planning to go there next month to have Bible studies to teach Christians there.
  • I visited the Central Hospital in Zomba district to pray for the sick. Five people received Jesus Christ.
  • I visited two orphans, Cores and John, to pray for them. They are disabled, can’t  walk, sit, nor feed themselves. They need  basic needs  like  food, clothes, blankets and wheelchairs.
  • I visited Zomba prison and was able to hold a Bible study with 80 inmates. Ten of them responded by inviting Jesus Christ into their hearts. It was so exciting. I distributed tracts and found that many inmates need Bibles. The word of God never gets old so even a used Bible would do.
  • I hold Biible studies twice a week on Monday and Friday afternoon in my home. Twelve students attend regularly, most of them youths.

Proverbs 19 verse 17: Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.

My Vision for 2012 is …
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